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Setakim is producing 3 main type of product; Paste dye, Pe wax, Cable gel.

Setakim is producing 3 main type of product; Paste dye, Pe wax, Cable gel.

Selçuk Tan
General Manager
PVC cable polymers are the most difficult to colorize polymers. Coloring or dyeing PVC polymer with powder paint is a problem nowadays. The problem is also the problem of not only cable producers but also all PVC based raw material producers.
The negative effects of powder paint on the operating conditions in terms of pollution, as well as other adverse effects on product quality and operating conditions are mainly as follows: The problem of homogeneous distribution due to powder coating is not to be summarized, such as acne on the surface of the cable, small roughness and scratches on the surface of the cable, especially black color intensive operation and labor pollution, harm to workers health, weighing and dosing difficulties.
Our company produces under the name SETACOLOR ‘PASTE DYES’ and holds an important place in the sector as a product equivalent to powder coating and master batch. The main advantages of our product, developed from the problems that PVC Compound manufacturers and Cable manufacturers producing PVC lived especially in the use of powder coatings, are as follows; Provides a shiny and smoother sheath surface, provides high coverage and homogeneous dispersion due to its special crushing feature, stops powder and paint contamination, is practical to use and very easy to dispense. Our Pastry Dyes are available for sale in standard cans of 20 kg. In addition to this, we are producing with the “capsule bag” which we prepared specifically according to the amount of net usage we determined together with our customers, to be placed in the direct mixer. We produce in the direction of special color demands from our customers, mainly black. Our products are used as a colorant in the production of PVC compund, cable sector and many PVC products.
The Pe waxes we have produced are presented to the market under the name SETAWAX Brand. External slider with mold release properties. It is also used as a slider in all kinds of PVC processes. It has high dispersibility and binding properties. It is used as the most basic additive material in high-filled compound and masterbatches. It helps the process by providing homogeneous dispersion properties. This product is used as an auxiliary agent in calcium carbonate fillings, in color master batches, in cable filler and sheath applications, in roving and profile production. They are classified according to their chemical structure, viscosities, densities, dripping points and penetrations.
SETAKIM; We accumulate our experience based on long years in the production of filling gel under the name of SETAJEL brand. SETAJEL cable filler gels, have excellent water repellency and temperature performance, compatible with cable components. It is produced with over 20 years experience by our filler gels and flooding gels, which are supplied by telecommunication cable producers in our country and countries in general via import. We have produced jeller cable producers specially for our customers’ requests; High-quality, customer-focused rapid production and supply, low inventory costs, competitive prices, and so on, and removes the import difficulties from our producers.
Today, we are a supplier of leading companies in the industry thanks to our entrepreneurial team with more than 50 product varieties under the name of SETACOLOR, SETAWAX, SETAJEL and brands and our customer delight oriented production policy. SETAKIM, which aims to contribute to the needs of the sector and to the economy of the country, will continue to make new investments.


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