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Journey of the Wire

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Journey of the Wire

In the modern era, many advances in wireless communication technology can create the illusion that cables and wires will become less important. However, with the increasing need for electronic equipment and communication between devices, the reality is completely different. Cables are absolutely indispensable for important tasks such as efficient and fast transmission of information and data, ensuring continuous and reliable connectivity, maintaining data integrity and building the infrastructure of the modern world.

At a time when energy costs are on a constant upward trend, the demand for more efficient transmission of energy is increasing. In this context, copper and aluminum cables stand out as the optimal solutions in terms of cost and performance. It is also widely recognized that energy transmission efficiency depends not only on the conductivity values of the selected material, but also on the physical properties of the final product obtained after wire drawing operations. Consumables used in wire drawing operations such as rolls, capstans and emulsions are factors that directly affect the physical properties of the wire.

Carl Bechem, Germany’s first industrial lubricant manufacturer and producer of specialty lubricants for 190 years, plays an important role in the wire drawing industry. It serves the industry with its long-standing knowhow and wide product range. It also contributes to the development of new machines through close relationships and cooperation with leading machine manufacturers in the industry.

Carl Bechem products are used in a wide range of wire drawing operations from rod break down to super fine wire, especially copper and aluminum, but also silver and gold in case of special demands. The high wire drawing speed, long emulsion and rolling life it provides significantly reduces the costs of companies engaged in wire drawing operations. In addition, superior lubricity performance, excellent cleaning properties and extremely high wire surface quality are other important features that distinguishes Carl Bechem products from its competitors.

Gresan has been the exclusive authorized products in Türkiye for a quarter of a century. With a rich heritage spanning over four decades, Gresan demonstrates its expertise in lubrication systems and specialty lubricants across a wide range of industries. Our dedicated team of over 60 professionals strives to serve customers and act as a reliable solution partner. With a proactive problem-solving approach, facilities where Carl Bechem products are used are regularly visited, and during these visits, necessary steps are taken to prevent problems that may arise. In addition, in order to demonstrate our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, free emulsion analysis services are offered at the facilities where our products are used.

Please contact us for detailed information about our services and products.


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