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Rahmi Burak Nacar Nacar Kablo Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş Member Of The Board:“New generation product for electric installation: HERCULEAN TUBE CABLE SYSTEM”

Rahmi Burak Nacar Nacar Kablo Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş  Member Of The Board:“New generation product for electric installation:  HERCULEAN TUBE CABLE SYSTEM”

Herculean Pipe Cable System refers to a pipe cable instal-lation procedure minimizing labor force and pipe usage in electrical installations with a single action. Mr. Burak has informed on the company and its future projects.

Could you please introduce yourself first?

For sure, my name is Rahmi Burak Nacar and I was born in Istanbul in 1989. I work as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer. Since we operate as a family firm for many years, I deal with cable manufacturing and sales operations. Şu an da Nacar Kablo Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. firmamızın Yurt içi ve Yurt dışı satış pazarlama departmanından sorumlu yönetim kurulu üyesiyim.

Could you please inform us on your corporate identity?Nacar Kablo initiated its operations by the end of 1970’s. The company performs manufacturing and sales of power and low voltage cables under the title of “Nacar Kablo Sanayi ve Ticaret” since 1988. Our company provided foreign companies with lighting cables for a long time. In this sense, a long-term business opportunity is obtained with big brands on innovative manufacturing basis and high quality. The opportunity of working with great brands improved our horizons. Consequently, we had a significant role in bringing Herculean Pipe Cable System to Turkey. We also started manufacturing as of 2012.

What is Herculean Pipe Cable System? Could you please give more details?

Sure, Herculean Pipe Cable System refers to a single pipe cable installation procedure minimizing pipe usage and workmanship in electrical installations with a single action. In conventional systems, the fitter takes all pipes and cab-les separately and passes the cable inside the pipe through a safety catch. Naturally, this causes additional labor force. The new generation Herculean Pipe Cable System eliminates this procedure by providing the fitter with separate cab-les and pipes. Accordingly, the workmanship and time procedures are saved by 65%. Furthermore, the customers are also provided with the opportunity to perform more than one works at the same time and the fitter is able to conduct a process easily by his own. We undertake manufacturing and development processes of this product for almost 5 years. Herculean Pipe Cable System is a brand new product in our industry.

How this Herculean Pipe Cable System took response from the industry?

Like in all new products, we had difficulties during first promotion phase as it is challenging to accept such products. However, we showed great efforts to ensure this product to be used by all fitters. The fitters preferring our Herculean Pipe Cable System never return to previous tiring systems. The Herculean system provides great comfort for the fitters. Naturally, our business is not limited with the manufacturing process. The requests from the site are also important for us. We manufacture various products whereas all products should comply with the requirements of our fitters preferring the Herculean system. Besides, we manufacture 3 types of H07V-U for interior wiring systems (H07V-K, H07V-R and H07V-U). In addition, we also included thick section types like NYM and TTR. As we never leave such innovative steps, the number of our customers has increased day by day. Currently, we cooperate with biggest distri-butors of electrical materials throughout Anatolian cities. Yet, the power cables are installed with Herculean system in many sites on the project basis. We are in the fifth year in terms of production whereas we founded great partnership in numerous projects and businesses.

What is the most challenging topic for you during publicity of Herculean system?

Yeni bir marka yaratmak kolay bir durum değil. Sektörde kabul görmek, sonuca ulaşmak ve talep gören bir marka olmak için ciddi bir yol gerekmekte. Bizim buradaki en büyük yardımcımız, herkül Borulu Kablo sistemini, sektörde çok uzun yıllardan beri güvenilir bir geçmişe sahip olan Nacar Kablo markası altında üretiyor olmamız. Bu durum bize birçok kapıyı daha kolay açtı. 5 yıldan beri markamızı çok iyi oturttuğumuzu düşünüyorum. Artık bu ürün borulu kablo olarak değil Herkül olarak biliniyor sektörde. Bu nok-taya gelmek için her zaman yeniliğe açık olmak ve müşteri-lerimizle her an rahatlıkla ve direkt iletişimde olmak duru-mu perçinliyor. Tabi bence markanın korunmasında ki en büyük olgu fason üretimden uzak durmak. Bizler de her yeni markanın başına gelen, daha büyük firmalardan fason üretim tekliflerine maruz kaldık. Bu aslında kötü bir durum değil, Finans anlamında sizi hızlı büyütebilir fakat iyi bir marka olma yolunda aynı hızda sizi batırabilir. Kısa vade çözümler bizim geleneklerimizde yok. Bu sebeple fason üretim isteği bizi onurlandırdı, doğru bir yolda olduğumuzu gösterdi ama biz daha uzun bir yol seçip kendi markamızla yola devam etmek kararı aldık.

What are the actions you take in order to increase your domestic and international sales?

We showed great efforts to achieve recognition rather than intense sales or profitability targets in the first phase. Yet, the Herculean system has been accepted and used in numerous projects and it has become a demanded pro-duct. Thus, we focused more on R&D aspect of this product whereas we almost completed certification procedures in Turkey. We manufacture this product in non-flame-dissipa-ting feature mostly for the projects and we completed necessary certification procedures. Unfortunately, the equi-valent products in the industry are sold by underlining halogen free (non-toxic-fume dissipating) and non-flame-dissi-pating features. In other words, the stated products fail to have Reach or Rosh certifications regarding non-toxic-fume-dissipating features. We made this product to be commercialized throughout Europe by the end of 2016 following relevant certifications. We can also serve the pro-ducts confidently in domestic market. We can recently manufacture spiral pipes at the strength rate of 750N following R&D works. Our test reports are approved by TSI. We also declared all products on our CE certificate by the end of 2016. We are now manufacturing 255 types of products under Herculean Pipe System and we keep stocks for domestic market. This is a significant fact in preferring our company. Actually, all such efforts have direct effect on our sales amounts. As we hold REACH and ROSH certificates, we had access to many countries in Europe and we estab-lished important contacts in those countries. We currently perform direct exports to 8 countries including 4 in Europe and 2 in Turkic states. This year, we participated in Electrical Installations Exhibition organized in March in Warsaw City of Poland. We also established many contacts in Poland. We will participate in the world’s biggest electricity exhibition titled “Middle East Electricity” to be held in Dubai in February 2018. We are planning to introduce our products in this fair to the entire Africa and Middle East regions. By increasing the number of participation to inter-national fairs during the year, we are intending to contribu-te to export targets of our country and improve market recognition of our brand.

In conclusion, could you please assess the cable industry and the year of 2017 in general?

The cable industry is one of the significant industries in Turkey. I believe we have made important contributions to our country in terms of our production capacity, export benefits and employment opportunities. The cable industry is one of the intense industries with minimum import and maximum manufacturing rates. In this sense, I think the government incentives should be provided at highest level to the manufacturers. Certain implementations are perfor-med by ministries and relevant authorities. We are quite aware of this condition, but I think the notifications are insufficient. This case causes delays, excessive procedures and intermediaries in providing incentives and subsidies to the companies. All of such procedures bring more burden to the manufacturers. As the relevant authorities provide more incentives and subsidies immediately in such conditions, I totally believe that we will have substantial improve-ment in developing production capacity, employment, bran-ding and export operations.

Just like other industries, our sector is affected by the country’s political conjuncture and structural changes. In particular, the floating exchange rates cause serious dama-ges in bilateral trade relations. This year, we realized a moderate ambient in the industry following the referendum in April, 16th. This ambient will be improved more as there will be no elections in next year. Our expectation is to utilize this positive ambient in the most efficient way.


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