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Ahmet Karkin / Chairman: Karkin Elektrik Elektronik establishes business partnerships with the customers thereof all over the world.

Ahmet Karkin  / Chairman: Karkin Elektrik Elektronik establishes business partnerships with the customers thereof all over the world.

Company Profile:
KARKIN Electric, Import and Export Services Inc. is an international trading company located in gaziantep, turkey . KARKIN Electric , Import and Export registered company with its headquarters in gaziantep (Reg. No.: 37/43263/42858 dat ). we have specialists in Turkey and China sourcing and trade consulting in the turkish and Chinese market, we facilitate trading partnerships between our customers in Turkey , China and clients across the world.
Karkin provides its customers with unpa-ralleled financial and trade support. With access to a network of 300 factories in Turkey , China, we offer a wide range of business services to more than 300 existing customers in the world. Because of our ability to leverage vertical and horizontal integration, the karkin has established itself as one of China’s leading trade and consulting companiesand we continue to build on our global success. karkin electric , Imports and Exports is just the latest example of how karkin finds innovative ways to integrate East and West
We possess the necessary personnel, delivery vehicles and financial resources that enable us to provide an efficient service to our customers. We have the necessary cross border permits to transport a wide range of products to neighbouring countries in turkey. Our vehicles have the capacity to transport both large and small volumes of goods.
KARKIN Electric , Import and Export realizes that cost containment and cost control are part of the major challenges that our clients face. For this Our Professional Experts and the broad array of our customer base has, and continues to give us pricing competitive advantages over our competitors as we are able to negotiate bulk product discounts directly with manufacturers.
Our Values:
Pursuit of excellence Satisfying our clients’ expectations Dedication to developing committed employees Performance driven Creating mutually beneficial and bonding relationships with our partners Honesty, integrity and ethical business practices.
Our Vision:
To be the leader in the industrial electric and general trade allied products business in the world
Our Mission:
To provide electric and allied products of high quality at competitive prices and with costeffective means. To maximise shareholders value and create an environment conducive to maximising the wealth of our company. To foster a quality culture and sustainable development. To promote the development and welfare of our staff, while applying best practices and high ethical standards.
actions and decisions
* Sustainable development, aspiration for Continuous improvement .
* Provide high quality services, achieve for Ultimate Customer Satisfaction
* Build strategic partnership with customers and suppliers.
* Create friendly working environment with customization and flexibility.
Secure all the above materials Customs clearance for all types of goods for our company and for other
Secure all means of transport within the country and abroad Store all the materials and ensure their access to the place specified by your Warranty all material provided by us to satisfy our customers Shipping all materials from Turkey and China to all over the world Import and export of all kinds of goods to our customers and to secure all customs data required for the goods Financial services and insurance Trade and finance business services Architecture and engineering construction


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