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Sampsistemi Bunching Machine BM 1250

Sampsistemi Bunching Machine BM 1250

Extensive research and the continuous improvement of existing technology (over 75 machines of this kind are currently in production) has improved the Sampsistemi Double-Twist Bunching Machine BM 1250, which is designed for reels with a flange diameter in the range of 630-1250 mm and a total weight of 4500 kg when filled (in case of copper strand).

Some of its main features are:

• Large flexibility range of working section (1÷ 100 mm²);
• Suitable for stranding copper and aluminum wires and laying up insulated cores;
• Open bows with carbide or ceramic eyelets or ceramic coated rollers;
• High performance (up to 2000 TPM and linear speed 300 m/min depending on process);
• Improved wire quality due to large pulleys diameter;
• Optimal tension on the strand control due to built-in dancer, with electronic regulation via operator panel;
• Reduced preventive maintenance due to AC and brushless motors;
• HMI color touch screen 10” for line control.

The machine is positioned inside a hut-shaped protection that ensures sound abatement and accident prevention. In addition, a patented electrical cabinet placed inside the cradle includes all drives and I/O to manage all equipment inside the bows. The communication between this cabinet and the main one occurs through a wireless safety integrated communication system. The Sampsistemi manufacturing program also includes a pre-twister, an equalizer and a wide range of dynamic and static pay-offs.


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