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PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. – Country Manager / Turkey, Mr. Hakan Tanış : As PAN CHEMICALS Family; We will be honored to host you, our esteemed guests, at Istanbul Wire Tech (Wire Production and Technologies

PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. – Country Manager / Turkey, Mr. Hakan Tanış : As PAN CHEMICALS Family; We will be honored to host you, our esteemed guests, at Istanbul Wire Tech (Wire Production and Technologies

PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. – Country Manager / Turkey, Mr. Hakan Tanış: As PAN CHEMICALS Family; We will be honored to host you, our esteemed guests, at Istanbul Wire Tech (Wire Production and Technologies Specialization Exhibiton), which will take place on 24 – 27 May 2023, in Hall 7, Stand 742 C; In order to continue our support to the Turkish wire industry by increasing With Our R&D New Generation Wire Drawing Lubricants, Chemicals and Other Products.

To introduce PAN CHEMICALS and give information about PAN CHEMICALS;

PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. was founded in Bergamo, 1987, which is in North Italy’s Lombardia region, by competent, highly established on chemistry authorities, to meet the needs and demands of World Wire Industry, progressively and permanently, which began production activities fast and ongoing for 36 years since it was founded;
– Wire coatings,
– Wire drawing lubricants (powder (granulled) and liquid)
– Wire galvanizing cold fluxes;
– Wire galvanizing special waxes (protecting wire from red and white dust (corrosion))
– Wire phospathings and various auxiliary chemicals

Which all above demands are produced and supplied by ‘just in time’ principle without compromising, one of the young, dynamic and vibrant companies.

Along with the chemicals and wire drawing lubricants, our firm is supporting the World Wire

Industry as a perfect whole with below;
– Special wire drawing dies,
– Spiral brushes,
– Wire galvanizing wiping pads,
– Machineries, tools and equipments for wire drawing,
– Engineering and Consultancy Services.

Our firm founded PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS, depot-office, 2013 in Turkey; which is a rising star, to give sustainable support to Turkish Wire İndustry and globally infusing larger regions and strengthen it’s area of effect. In 2023, we are celebrating PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS’ 10th anniversary year!

Also our firm founded it’s second production base, PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS in Mexico, where is strategically an important gateway between North and South America, a value in Pacific, which will proudly reach it’s 6th years in production by 2023.

In addition to our units all do not compromise from total quality principle PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. Italy, PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS Turkey and PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS Mexico; we also have 10 distributors and 20 Representatives in different countries. Therefore, we always maintain our supportive role to wherever the demands come, the fastest way possible to our collaborators. As a result; We as PAN CHEMICALS Family, two factories, one warehouse-office and supporting distributors, representatives, our goods are supplied to more than 100 countries in 6 continents, from Italy to Norway, Turkey to Mexico, South America and Japan…

As PAN CHEMICALS family our mission is; adding positive values to all our now and future collaborators, with complete service to their demands ands needs, quality products, competitivevprices, short supply times and support after sale. Our vision is to embrace our one and only supplier principle, to all our collaborators full set of products and services, not just now but also progressively in the future. Never compromising from our visionary approach, we’d like to ensure your readers that we’re maximum focused to our targets as a firm.

We would like to declare that with the coming periods, for all the companies that will contacts with us, we’re determined to give the same precise, devoted quality service and products just like the current ones now. Any company working with PAN CHEMICALS can easily be comfortable working with a World Brand quality, decrasing costs, improving quality and rising tonnages. As PAN CHEMICALS Family we can surely announce to our current and future collabolators that we’ll be 100% supportive to all.

We’re clinching our visionary approach by the Research&Development activies we make. Along with our special powder wire drawing lubricants and other chemicals (specail fluxes, waxes and oily charcoals); we will be promoting our new gen liquid advanced lubricant (for general using) and our new powder (granulled) lubricant, wire cleaning oil product and grase paste lubricant that will appeal to plating quality wire producers, in 2023 İstanbul / Turkey Wire Exhibition, to be one of the exquisite firms of the industry, we targeted. To mention about the software technology, We’re thinking that we’re adding value to the industry with our special software app ‘PAN CHEMICALS’ which can be used as an all time guide to World Wire Industry, by the mobile world, which is constantly updating and developing, on smartphones, tablets and computers, which is completely a freeware.

PAN CHEMICALS will always make an effort to make you feel different and special. Trust PAN

CHEMICALS products!
PAN CHEMICALS carries you to future, makes the innovation continuity with you! We will be pleased to welcome you on our 742 C stand in the 7th Hall, Tüyap – Beylikdüzü / İstanbul / Turkey 2023 Wire Exhibiton. We will be pleased to meet you as PAN CHEMICALS Technical Staff to create difference to World Wire Industry and to make your company feel special, to result all your demands and needs.

In the name of our family, as Country Manager
– Turkey of PAN CHEMICALS, We’d like to greet all our visitors wish a great and healthy fair. See you there.


HAKAN TANIŞ / Turkey Country Manager


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