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NDC Infrared Engineering and Beta LaserMike Merge, Creating a New Leader in Measurement Solutions

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Strategic merger brings together well-recognized brands, offering customers a wide breadth of industry-leading solutions and services, expanded global reach, and operational efficiencies.
Irwindale, CA, August 22, 2014 — NDC Infrared Engineering and Beta LaserMike, both part of the Spectris family of companies and recognized global leaders in non-contacting measurement and control solutions, today announced they have merged to create NDC Technologies. The combination strengthens the new company’s position in the marketplace by offering a more comprehensive portfolio of gauging solutions with enhanced cross-selling opportunities. In addition, the new operating model expands the company’s reach to better serve its growing global base of customers. The corporate headquarters for NDC Technologies will be based in Irwindale, California. NDC Technologies is part of Spectris PLC, a leading supplier of productivity enhancing instrumentation and controls based in England.
According to Drew Cheshire, President of NDC Technologies, “This merger supports our overall strategy to deliver the most comprehensive and highest quality measurement and control solutions on the market. It brings together two best-in-class companies, each with strong offerings directed to meet the unique needs of our target markets. By combining these rich offerings into a single complete portfolio, we can provide customers with a broad range of gauging systems that meet a diverse scope of application requirements. This combination will yield many synergies and benefits in the years ahead and pave the foundation for future growth.”
“This merger represents the best strategic move for both NDC Infrared Engineering and Beta LaserMike, and it is the strategy that is most likely to deliver increased value to our respective stakeholders,” says Ken Wright, former President of Beta LaserMike and now President of Global Engineering and Marketing for NDC Technologies. “We are confident that the combined company, NDC Technologies, will increase our competitive advantage in products, sales distribution, and technical support, while enhancing our relationships with customers and partners.”
Other key strategic benefits of the merger include:
• Commitment to innovation – The combined company shares a commitment to delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the unique needs of industry and customers. The pooling of research and technology resources will streamline product development and rapidly address these evolving needs.
• Commitment to customer excellence – The combined company has proven teams of talented, experienced employees and sales representatives with strong customer relationships and a commitment to customer excellence. The merger will increase the distribution channels and customer care network, expanding the company’s reach to better serve customers around the globe.
• Commitment to operational ease — Integration of business intelligence systems will streamline business processes, enhance the customer experience, and make it easier for customers to work with NDC Technologies.
• Financial strength and flexibility – NDC Technologies is part of Spectris PLC, a technology-based company with over $2.0 billion in revenue (listed on the London Stock Exchange). The new combined company creates a financially strong organization. The merger will allow it to pursue growth opportunities while continuing to invest in its current business.
NDC Technologies will offer four key product groups:
-Web Solutions – for the converting, extrusion, calendering, and nonwovens industries, delivering real-time measurement and control of key product parameters such as product thickness, coating thickness, and basis weight.
-Sensors — on-line gauges and at-line analyzers for the measurement of moisture and other key product constituents in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, bulk materials and tobacco industries.
-Metals – x-ray gauges for the on-line measurement of thickness, coat weight, width and optical flatness measurement for the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industries.
-Laser & Ultrasonics – non-contact gauges for the on-line and off-line measurement of diameter and ovality, wall thickness and eccentricity, length and speed, and other dimensional monitoring of products in the wire and cable, fiber optics, pipe and tube, building, nonwovens, paper, plastic, and metals industries.
New Company Brand Identity and Logo
As part of the merger, NDC Technologies launched its new brand identity, inclusive of its corporate logo. The new brand identity distinctly communicates the new company’s single vision for delivering innovative solutions and services that provide substantial value to customers. The new logo reflects the newly integrated company, yet maintains the integrity of key elements from the original NDC logo. The new logo adds dimension and motion to the symbol design, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovate and better serve the growing needs of customers around the globe. The logotype is upright and powerful, underscoring the strength in the company, its global team, and its product portfolio. NDC Technologies also implemented an energetic color palette indicative of the vibrancy within the industries it serves.
About NDC Infrared Engineering
For over 48 years, NDC has been a leading developer and manufacturer of measurement and control systems for a wide range of industries across the globe. NDC Infrared Engineering was formed when Infrared Engineering Ltd (which had been acquired in 1992) merged in 1998 with NDC Systems Inc. (which had been acquired in 1997). Both companies had operated as private entities until their acquisition and the roots of both were to be found in the rapid advances in sensor technology in the 1960’s and 70’s. A third company, IRM Group SA was acquired in 2011 to spearhead the company’s expansion into the metals industry. NDC technologies include NIR (near infrared), Nucleonic, Optical, X-Ray, Laser, and Microwave. The company’s products are designed to maintain and enhance product quality, process performance and profitability, and consumer loyalty. For more information visit, www.ndc.com.
About Beta LaserMike
Beta LaserMike is a leading global provider of measurement and control solutions. It has a long history of providing innovative technology to the world’s leading industrial organizations. The company’s origins trace back to two main companies: Beta Instruments and LaserMike. Beta Instruments pioneered the measurement and control technologies for the wire and cable industry in the mid-sixties. LaserMike invented the first laser-scanning micrometer in the early seventies to accurately measure part dimensions. These companies merged in 1997 to form Beta LaserMike. The company’s portfolio of measurement and control solutions includes Laser, Ultrasonic, and Process Control technology for a broad scope of industries. These solutions seamlessly integrate with production processes to effectively reduce scrap, minimize material usage, increase capacity, and ensure product quality. For more information, visit www.betalasermike.com


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