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Future-ready through innovation and tradition:

Future-ready through innovation and tradition:

Brugg Cables is an innovative Swiss cable and accessories manufacturer with an extensive range of services in the field of power transmission and distribution. Founded in 1896, Brugg Cables has grown to be one of the world’s leading cable system suppliers/manufacturers. With a strong customer orientation and the expertise of employees Brugg Cables focuses on innovation and outstanding Swiss quality. 390 employees develop, manufacture, install and maintain cables, accessories and system solutions for power transmission and distribution for power plant operators, power distribution companies and industrial settings. Brugg Cables takes a holistic approach, offering customers end-to-end solutions from a single source.

Brugg products are characterised by their advanced technology and their ability to meet the highest of quality expectations. Because of this, Brugg Cables is one of the few cable manufacturers in the world in a position to produce cable systems and accessories that can handle the current maximum permissible voltage of 550kV.

The in-house R&D Department is constantly working on creating new, innovative products. In close collaboration with its customers, Brugg Cables implements turnkey projects such as the cabling of power generating stations. Brugg Cables develops, manufactures, tests, and assembles its products according to the highest quality standards using state-ofthe- art manufacturing machinery.

Brugg Cables became part of the Italian Terna Group in March 2020. With this successful partner and an innovative product strategy, Brugg Cables is well positioned as we head into the future. As a supplier of underground cables, Brugg Cables plays a key role in modern electric power transmission, which is placing more and more emphasis on protecting landscapes and the environment. Working together with its new majority shareholder Terna, Brugg Cables plans to rigorously pursue innovations in the field of recyclable materials.

In addition to our headquarters in Brugg, Switzerland, Brugg Cables has subsidiaries in six countries as well as various production facilities.

Brugg Cables Products:
•High voltage systems
•High voltage cables up to 500kV
•High voltage accessories up to 500kV
•Medium voltage cables
•Low voltage cables
•Industry cable systems
Brugg Cables Services:
•Asset Management & Services
•Emergency Response Solutions
•Engineering Services
•Spare Parts Services
•Preventive Maintenance
•Cable laying
•Installation of high voltage accessories
•Site tests
•Technical trainings
•Project management & Engineering
•Brugg Cables Academy


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