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Kablo Tel Dünyası

Empower Your Cable Manufacturing Process with SAVEOMAT

Empower Your Cable Manufacturing Process with SAVEOMAT

Simplifying production of medium and high voltage cables!

Cross-linked polyethylene is used for the insulation of medium and high voltage cables. iNOEX supports the cross-linking of polyethylene with numerous SAVEOMAT products:

• The SAVEOMAT liquid dosing station allows precise dosing of polyethylene, additives and the peroxide or silane required for the cross-linking process. A dynamic vertical mixer below the dosing station ensures homogeneous mixing of the materials.

• The ATEX certified SAVEOMAT pumping station pumps the peroxide or silane to the dosing station. It monitors the pressure in the material line and notifies the operator when the drum or canister needs to be changed.

• The SAVEOMAT storage container can hold two silane drums. The diaphragm pump in the storage container pumps the silane to the dosing station and gives a message when the first drum is empty and needs to be changed to the second.

• The ATEX-certified SAVEOMAT conveying room allows the SAVEOMAT conveying station to be set up and installed. The conveyor room is equipped with a pressure relief system, air conditioning, ventilation and fire alarm system.

All SAVEOMAT products offered for processing peroxide or silane are pressurized with inert gas in the areas that come into contact with the material!

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