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Efectis ignoring the risk of fire is costly!

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Efectis ignoring the risk of fire is costly!

In parallel with the ongoing Zero Waste Project in Turkey, the Paris Agreement to which Efectis is a party, and the increase in social awareness, various studies have been initiated to reduce environmental pollution. One of the most important of these studies is undoubtedly the facilities established to ensure plastic recycling. Rapidly increasing in number and currently operating around 1300 businesses, the plastics recycling industry employs 350 thousand people with a turnover of 1 billion dollars in our country. According to data obtained from various sources, the amount of plastic waste that Turkey recycles annually reaches 1.1 million tons.

The increasing number of facilities has caused an increase in fires! Although it is pleasing that plastic recycling has gained great importance in recent years, it is not possible to say that Turkey has taken a conscious and cautious way in this regard.

While trying to do good in this important work for a sustainable world, great harm can be caused to the environment due to wrong practices. In fact, burning plastics as a result of deficiency in taking the necessary precautions cause air pollution, while the old generation fluorine-based foams used in fire extinguishing cause soil pollution in a way that is very difficult to compensate. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of fires in plastic recycling facilities in Turkey, parallel to the increasing number of facilities. To avoid these fires, a mechanism where fire safety is controlled in detail must be planned and implemented completely so that the facilities can be granted an operating license.

The correct design of the plant has a key role in fire safety.

In high-risk plastic recycling facilities, the fire engineering approach should be applied starting from the design phase of the facility and should continue with periodic tests and controls throughout the operating period of the facility.

Correct design is critical in fire safety. For the first steps of the fire safety, we must ensure that structurally the load-bearing systems of the building and its the parts with different fire risks are structurally fire resistant, the project is designed to minimize the risk of fire and smoke spreading, and the right product selection is made. Even if a fire occurs for any reason, it will remain in a limited area and will not spread when appropriate structural security is provided. With the implementation of appropriate extinguishing and detection systems, it is possible for an early evacuation, extinguish the fire or take it under control until the fire department arrives.

Emergency teams have an important role to play.

As important as the proper structure and system design is, the establishment of trained emergency teams is just as important. When the first response to the fire is not done correctly, the fire can reach uncontrollable sizes. The training of the emergency teams assigned at the facilities must be renewed every year and should be carried out practically with fire drills. To summarize; the right project, the right material, the right application, inspection, and the right operation are the indispensable steps of fire safety in structures. Efectis Era Avrasya provides fire safety services with NFPA (American) and ISO (European) certified fire consultants with more than 40 years of experience. Efectis Holding is one of the oldest and largest fire test laboratories, certification, and engineering organizations in Europe, with accredited laboratories in France, the Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Started in 2011 with the partnership of Era Laboratories (Turkey) and Efectis Holding, Efectis Era Avrasya is Turkey’s first fire test laboratory, EU Notified Body (305/2011 EU Construction Materials Regulation) and fire engineering center.

Efectis Era Avrasya provides fire consultancy and engineering services at all stages of projects including testing, architectural and electro-mechanical design project preparation, fire detection, evaluation of fire extinguishing systems, escape route analysis, fire risk analysis and compliance control in all types of structures according to local regulations and internationally accepted standards.


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