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Coats accelerates telecommunications innovation

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Coats accelerates telecommunications innovation

As the need to stay connected is greater than ever, the strategic importance of communication technologies is increasing day by day. Telecom companies are now turning into institutions that produce technology and develop solutions according to customer needs. Coats, the world’s leading industrial thread manufacturer, continues its innovation efforts in the field of telecommunication, taking the industry one step further with its innovative solutions.

Coats, operating in Turkey since 1952, develops innovative solutions for durable and light products in its most comprehensive production facility in Europe based in Bursa. The EMEA Innovation Hub of Coats, responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, produces innovation from Turkey to the whole world. Developing textile components in cables for the telecommunications industry at its innovation base, Coats supports the telecom industry with innovative cable protection solutions using best-in-class materials such as E-glass fibres and para-aramid yarns. Coats’ cable solutions stand out not only for their durability, but also for eliminating costly replacement and repair costs.

Superior durability even in the toughest conditions
Water absorption solutions in Coats’ product portfolio such as binders and ripcords, optimize the performance of cables and show superior durability in all kinds of harsh environments and conditions. Coats binders are produced with para-aramid, nylon and low or very low shrinkage uncoated polyester fibres or with taylor-made coatings on them. While our Coats Gral Binder SLS and Coats Protos prevents shrinkage damages to fibre tubes, Dabond Ultrabloc makes a difference with its high water absorption properties. Coats Ultrabloc SY stands out with its resistance to extreme temperatures in cable types with higher water absorption requirements. These innovative solutions eliminate the need for hazardous solvents and gels, reducing the use of consumables. Produced by Coats with various coating materials, Protos Ripcord and Gral Ripcord increase tearing performance by reducing the tear size in addition to having high resistance to abrasion.

Stating that Coats continues to develop products for different sectors at the EMEA Innovation Hub in Bursa, Coats Performance Products Sales Manager Hüseyin Koca says: “We entered a period of rapid change with the pandemic. In terms of telecommunication, we see that the rules of the game have changed and investments in cutting-edge technologies and innovation have increased. In order to create an interconnected world, it is necessary to use faster and innovative solutions that are resistant to all circumstances. At Coats, we continue to develop innovative solutions for telecommunications that deliver higher performance and help stay connected in the toughest conditions. With the solutions we develop at the Coats EMEA Innovation Hub in Bursa, which is one of our three main centres where we collaborate with many innovation partners, we help the world stay in touch with each other.”


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