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Ajex & Turner developed Wire Dies in PCD | TC | VNT Nano for TW | Sector | Rollers for ACCC | ACSS | ACFR | ACSR conductors

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Ajex & Turner developed Wire Dies in PCD | TC | VNT Nano for TW | Sector | Rollers for ACCC | ACSS | ACFR | ACSR conductors

India Based Ajex & Turner Wire Technologies design TW dies in PCD | VNT Nano | Carbide to draw aluminum strands to produce ACCC | ACSS | ACFR | ACSR conductor (Trapezoidal Wire) as per ASTM standards approved by most of the power grid corporations throughout the world.

A press release said that the company’s TW dies are designed to ensure accurate quality parameters to obtain aluminum strands that are shaped to provide a smooth outer surface that can meet applicable ASTM standards. The dies are made from high-quality raw materials that enable them to be both efficient as well as long lasting. The drawing shows an example of TW shaped compacting.

High quality raw materials VNT Nano | PCD | Carbide are used for making our TW dies efficient and long lasting. To resolve the issue of smaller diameter conductor, Ajex & Turner’s trapezoidalshape dies can be enlarged to provide a greater cross-sectional area of aluminum and match the diameter of the conventional round conductor.

Ajex & Turner also make sector die of any size & design. TRAPEZOIDAL (TW) | SECTOR Z SHAPE | COMPACTING DIES

Ajex & Turner produces TW | Sector | Z | Shapes Die Sets | Rollers as per Conductor Designs with high quality in PCD | Carbide | Nano | Hardened Steel to meet customers demand. Ajex & Turner can make all types of Shape Dies for any type of Metal in PCD | Carbide | Nano. The sector shape | TW | Z Shape Dies are used for Compacting | Bunching | Stranding line. Fundamentally this kind of conductor is used in the wire design and cables manufacture industries, however it includes some other areas also.


Ajex & Turner produces sector roller | compacting roller as per conductor designs. 3, 3.5, 4 mm Core Sector shape compaction roller for 25, 35, 50, 70, 95, 120, 150, 185, 240, 300, 400 mm2 in 60° 90° & 120° or as per customer requirement

Contact: Ajex & Turner Wire Technologies (P) LTD.
sales@ajexturner.com, mkt@ajexturner.com, www.ajexturner.com


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