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Zeller Gmelin Turkey Business Development Manager Songül Facey; Zeller + Gmelin takes its place as a specialist company in the international market with its %20 pretentious employee rate in R&D function, the experienced and well-equipped workforce in the field, high standards, long-term management approach and a widespread sales network accessibility

Zeller Gmelin Turkey Business Development Manager Songül Facey; Zeller + Gmelin takes its place as a specialist company in the international market with its %20 pretentious employee rate in R&D function, the experienced and well-equipped workforce in the field, high standards, long-term management approach and a widespread sales network accessibility

Would you please introduce yourself?

For sure. My Name is Songul Facey. I was born in 1975, Izmit. After receiving my mechanical engineering degree in 1998, for a period of time, I lived in abroad to brighten up my language skills. I have attended my MBA master program last year and will be graduated this year. I have been working in the Industrial Lubricant sector for 15 years and have been the member of ZG Turkey team as a Business Development Manager since March,2014.

Would you please give some information about the corporate identity of your company?

Zeller+Gmelin GmbH& Co. KG – founded in 1866 by Albert Zeller and Paul Gmelin, is a medium-sized company that stands for its success for more than 150 years. It has 950 employees, 16 subsidiaries, and over 50 distribution partners worldwide. It’s products of the Division Lubricants, Industrial Chemistry, and Printing Inks internationally take a leading position in the market with its high-quality policy. It distinguishes itself by many years of experience in research and development.

Whether it is UV printing inks and lacquers, specialist lubricants for metal working, wire drawing, release agents for the construction and wood industry, or chemical products for painting and coating processes: across the world, Zeller+ Gmelin has an excellent reputation, and today produces more than 1000 intensive products for variety of applications in our plant in Eislingen, Stuttgart. Zeller + Gmelin is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as DIN EN ISO 14001:2005. It was awarded the quality seal “TOP 100” several times with which the innovation success in the market was rated using the four areas of change management: innovative processes and organization, a climate for innovation, innovation marketing as well as top management promoting innovation. As a consequence of its product and service quality, its awarded 6 times as ‘’Best Supplier of Lubricants’’ by the Bosch Group, between 2002 to 2016.

Would you please give some information about the production capacity and the product range of your company?

When evaluated in terms of production capacity, Zeller+Gmelin is one of the ten largest manufacturers in the sector in Germany. Zeller Gmelin product groups are; Metal Working and Forming Fluids and Oils, General Maintenance Lubricants and Greases, Wire Drawing Lubricants and Wood Panel Release Agents, Corrosion Protection, Textile, Hydraulic, Slideway and Gear Oils, Calibration Fluids, Release Agents under the name of Industrial Lubricants; Automotive Vehicle oils, Chemicals, and UV Painting Inks, together consist of more than 1000 products.

How would you assess your company performance for the first half of 2017 in terms of production, sales volume and growth rate?

We had predicted %7 growth in volume for 2017 as the team of Zeller Gmelin Turkey, which we closed the first half of the year by growing %11. The growth in net turnover is around %30. We attribute this outcome to our focus on strategic projects, high valueadded products, and sectors as well as the increase in foreign currency. Because of the recent challenging conditions in our country, especially for the last couple of years, as ZG Turkey, we wanted to maintain our business stability , built strong relationships related to the needs of our customers by providing fast and accurate solutions, particularly increase our market share in the wire drawing, wood panel, textile, automotive and OEMs industries where we are already strong. It is seen that we have reached our targets when we examine the data for the first 6 months of this year. Comparing our business growth globally between 2016 and 2017, we can share that we are happy to reach our 2017 goals in the first half period of the year.

Would you please tell us about your practices to achieve a high value-added production that you have made towards Research&Development and Production&Development?

In close cooperation with its customers, ZG is developing answers to questions which it might only face tomorrow – and which are based on highest standards. Zeller+Gmelin considers innovation a core competence. At its headquarter in Eislingen alone, around 20% percent of the employees work in research and development function. It is always striving to develop further and permanently optimize its products – and to place innovations on the market. It collaborates with research institutes and universities, its strengths to develop solutions which satisfy customers’ demands. It attaches importance to individual and holistic solutions and offers research, development, and production – everything from single source.

For us, customer focus begins with application-specific research in our own on-site laboratory. We use the latest knowledge to develop and produce innovative chemical products. We work closely together with our customers in adapting our products to fit applications and systems. This practical service allows us to fulfill the requirements with utmost accuracy.

Could you please tell us about the place and importance of your company in Turkey and in the international market?

Zeller + Gmelin takes its place as a specialist company in the international market with its %20 pretentious employee rate in R&D function, the experienced and well-equipped workforce in the field, high standards, long-term management approach and a widespread sales network accessibility. Its Automotive, Industrial Lubricants, and UV Printing Inks are well-known globally. It is a fundamental principle of Zeller + Gmelin to bring in line economic, environmental and health aspects with the development and manufacturing of new products. To ensure a consistently high quality is Zeller + Gmelin’s permanent ambition.

The best-known example of this approach is the cooperation with customers like the Bosch Group. Our MULTICUT, ZUBORA, and CALIBRATION FLUIDS are the main products that are used almost in all of the Bosch factories around the world. Zeller Gmelin products are used and recommended in such as diesel and gasoline systems, chassis, steering, drive and control, packaging systems and different production lines. We are also very well known, reputable and recommended in wire drawing industry globally. Our product series called MULTIDRAW is used in most of the wire drawing plants in Turkey as well as i the international market.

What do you do to boost your sales domesticly and internationally?

Primarily, to increase our sales, we listen to our customers, understand their needs and provide the most appropriate solution to win their trust. As a visionary company, we believe that the most important action is to generate a value-added product and service to be the part of the solution. Besides, investing in technology and workforce, of course, we attend the trade fairs and organize regular symposiums locally and internationally, in our expertise product groups and sectors in order to build bilateral relationships and discuss some feedbacks with our customers in a warm atmosphere. By increasing our production capacity, workforce and manufacturing expertise day by day we contribute to our stable growth.

What is your company goals for 2017? Will there be some new projects?

When Zeller Gmelin has founded its Turkey Office in March 2007, primarily started its work in the field of Textile, Industrial Lubricants and Printing Inks, where we were already strong and well-known locally and internationally. Since then ZG Turkey has been creating and building key accounts in many different sectors with its professional team of 19, located in Turkey. It has expanded its service area by including Chemical Division to its product group in 2016. Our core focus is to spread our product portfolio into different sectors such as greases, release agents for construction, metal forming, and cutting oils for the next few years while keeping our existing customers satisfied.

We believe that our Chemical Division has a great potential due to its innovative solutions and low total cost offers. We are determined to provide outstanding values for our customers and focus on minimum total cost to differentiate our business, keep our good reputation and proceed in our long-term path. Zeller Gmelin is planning to continue its investments globally in the next coming years and will extend the production capacity in our main production facility in Eislingen as well to have a bright future.

Finally, is there anything that you would like to add?

Yes, I would like to inform you especially about the Copper Wire Symposium that was held in Istanbul last week, hosted by Zeller + Gmelin Turkey. We performed to 50 people from the Industry that are interested in our products and the sector, including our Turkish and Iranian Copper Wire Drawing customers. Apart from the Zeller + Gmelin Germany and Turkey teams, Mr. Michael Biller from Ballofet, Mr. Oliver Winter from Axalta Coating, Mr. Dr. Klaus Czaputa from Mag Maschinen and Mr. Durhan Tezcan from – Schülke&Mayer have contributed to our 2-days event with their presentations. What I can tell you as an experienced executive from the industry for many years, this type of, a very comprehensive and multiple symposiums are not classic applications in our industry. We, as Zeller + Gmelin Turkey also held a Copper Wire Drawing Symposium 2 years ago with different participants. With the positive feedback that we received from the last symposium directed us to expand and enrich our themes this year. In this symposium, we are very happy to create a warm atmosphere that provided our guests to have answers to their questions and discuss about the performance componentials that effects the copper wire drawing operation, such as drawing agents, dies, drawing machines, coating, water quality, the formation of bacteria and fungi and actions to be taken. Besides, engaging the expert workforce of the copper wire drawing on the same platform has created a strong network of the participants.

To conclude , in a special manner, I would like to thank our precious customers who participated in our symposium, the above-mentioned partners that enriched our symposium with their presentations, our General Manager Mr. Kuzey Naim who supported us fully, and ZG team members especially our Office Manager Miss. Sinem Sandıkcı who have managed an excellent organization, and ZG Germany team members, our Director Mr. Jonas Waserka, R&D Expert Mr. Jürgen Wranik and Mr. Markus Mühleisen for their presentations and contributions.


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