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The principle of developing technology in rubber industry KİMHEX© Chemistry does not compromise on superior quality understanding

The principle of developing technology in rubber industry KİMHEX© Chemistry does not compromise on superior quality understanding

Our company, KİMHEX©Kimya, established with our more than 20 years of experience in rubber industry, has adopted the principle of reliability, customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, superior quality approach, environmental awareness, timely service and adapting to the developing technology. Our company, KİMHEX©Kimya, has been founded in order to produce Technical Pulp to be used by the companies operating in the industries of Automotive, White Goods, Defense Industry, Food Industry, Ship Industry, Cable Industry and similar industries. As KİMHEX©Kimya our target is to serve our esteemed domestic and foreign customers in the best way.

Our mission is to provide superior quality alternatives in all the industries we operate. We currently achieve this goal thanks to our market power as a trusted institution on a global scale with our strength, human resources, customerfocused approach and our belief in sustainability. Our mission is to obtain the trust of our valued clientele and stakeholders and ensure sustainable development by investing in human, technology and environment, by keeping employee happiness, customer satisfaction, environmental awareness and production efficiency at the highest level and without compromising on our environment, society and technology consciousness and by fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Our vision is to be known, acknowledged, loved and preferred in every corner of the world with our companies and brands in the sectors we operate. Our vision is to be the “Leader” technical pulp manufacturer by providing superior quality, price and customer satisfaction in technical rubber pulp production and a company primarily preferred by the domestic and international automotive, white goods, defense and rubber parts manufacturers.

Our policy, as KİMHEX©Kimya company is to improve ourselves constantly in the everchanging and developing market conditions by and enrich our competition and technical knowledge and strength and produce the best technical pulps in line with customer expectations;

To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level without compromising on raw material quality keep ;
To improve our process, machinery and technical information and skills, To improve efficiency by continuous betterment of OHS and Environment Governance systems.

KİMHEX©Kimya has moved to its new facilities in İDOSB (Istanbul Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone) as of May 1, 2019 on an area of 1,300 m2 with an eye to provide better service to our valued customers..


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