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Ören Kablo continues to meet the esteemed clients thereof with its high quality cables Ören Kablo makes difference with new generation Cat 7 data cables

Ören Kablo continues to meet the esteemed clients thereof with its high quality cables Ören Kablo makes difference with new generation Cat 7 data cables

Renowned as Turkey’s first coaxial cable manufacturer, Ören Kablo keeps bringing cost effective products with superior quality to its customers by adding new generation products to current product range developed over the years and by focusing on customer satisfaction through its qualified, dynamic and creative staff. Turkey leads the region’s cable industry by means of technological and production capabilities. As one of the key players in this industry, Ören Kablo makes difference with new generation Cat 7 data cables. The company reinforced its change and development process by announcing new logo and corporate identity simultaneously as a part of reorganization.
The only Turkish company received technical approval from German cable operators
Ören Kablo created a strong brand value in Germany, as a challenging market to be involved due to high technical capability. The company also received technical approval by German cable operators for its products. Ören Kablo is the one and only Turkish company proved its brand in this market. Involved in cable TV segment in Germany since 2009, the company stands as the “leader” today by its market share of 60%. The company holds a considerable place among the cable brands representing Turkey in Europe. Ören Kablo has improved its infrastructure to accelerate data sharing by following technological advancements closely and brought new generation data cables to consumers in order to meet “wide bandwidth” requirements.
The production capacity meeting the requirements of future
The CAT cables, also known as Ethernet cables, are used for data transfer to meet acceleration needs in line with advancing technology. Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 cables holding different technical properties to comply with rapid data transfers are manufactured for this purpose whereas it is extremely important to select such products in accordance with the relevant area of usage. The company kept manufacturing Cat6 tables by the end of 2016 and made its R&D and production investments to provide quality Cat7 and Cat7A cables by anticipating the needs arising from the advancing technology. As of today, Ören Kablo has the capability to meet the needs of future in accordance with technological advancements.
Investment in Bridge Wire Insulation Line
Since bridged polyethylene is used as insulating material for Cat 7 and upper Data/LAN cables, the investment is made in physical bridge insulation line particularly for manufacturing Cat 7 and upper Data/LAN cable insulators. Ören Kablo considers the requirement to control impedance rates of peers when resistance instability is generated. Furthermore, precision is needed more due to diversification of cable categories. In order to control such parameters continuously for twisting lines capable of bending a cable in a single phase, Örnek Kablo performs online tension control in all processes from bending peers to final twisting. In addition to production lines, the company made significant investments in test devices. Örnek Kablo is now able to test Data/LAN cables up to 2GHz by means of testing devices purchased recently for its laboratories.
The company intends to represent our country in different regions by means of its competitive products with superior quality
Ören Kablo intends to join numerous projects in different countries with “Ören Kablo” branded products and represent our country in different regions through its competitive products of superior quality by following the above mentioned export approach as well as by responding to various requirements in international markets.


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