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OREN CABLO participated in the A-TECH 2017 fair held in Ankara Congresium fair area between 23-26 November 2017 as a participant.

OREN CABLO participated in the A-TECH 2017 fair held in Ankara Congresium fair area  between  23-26 November 2017 as a participant.

A-TECH 2017 Fair that brings together intelligent building technology and electrical industry manufacturers, distributors and users is on its way to become one of the most important fairs of Turkey that brings together public institutions and the private sector. OREN CABLE which participated in the fair as a participant met with its dealers and corporate customers in Turkey. It had the opportunity to share the developments in the sector with the visitors for 4 days during the event organized at the fair area.
Information about the Company;
OREN CABLE which is Turkey’s first manufacturer of coaxial cable and one of the oldest and wellestablished cable manufacturers of Turkey, was founded in 1979 in Istanbul. It has been able to maintain its position as one of the most wellestablished and important companies in the industry since its establishment with its production lines equipped with all the means of advanced technology, expert staff and structure open to development openness
ÖREN KABLO is continuing to provide quality and innovation to the sector with its 104 employees in its production facilities with a closed area of 9000 m2. Along with the cental sales directorate in Perpa Trade Center in Istanbul, the company provides an organization to carry out its relations with its customers at 4 different locations including Izmir, Ankara and Adana..
OREN CABLE which is one of the leading companies of the sector meet the needs of its customers with the wide range of products it offers including weak current cables like Coaxial cables, Control – Operating cables, Halogen Free Flame Retardant / Fire Resistant Cables, Information Communication Cables, Closed Circuit Camera System (CCTV) Cables, Fire Alarm Cables, Internal Phone Cables, Bus Cables, Energy Cables, Special / Compound Cables.
Always proceeding with an understanding of maintaing its leadership position in the sector by renewing its products, services and production methods OREN CABLR moves relentlessly forwards towards its goals without sacrificing quality and remaing loyal to the principle of ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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