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Murat Erdoğanlı Hanif Kablo Chairman: We, as Hanif Kablo, are exporting to more than 50 countries.

Murat Erdoğanlı Hanif Kablo Chairman: We, as Hanif Kablo, are exporting to more than 50 countries.

Hanif Kablo Chairman Murat Erdoğanlı, who said “Lead by Middle-East; European Union countries, African countries and former Soviet countries are the regions we are exporting to…” provided information about their company and their prospective projects.
Could you provide some information about the corporate identity of your company?
We have started our adventure in the 2000s as cable exporters. As a result of the success we achieved at exporting, mainly to the Middle-East, we asked ourselves whether we could introduce our own products to the market or not. Thus, we started in 2013 a trial production in Gaziantep since it was close to the target market. Our first workshop was a small facility on an area of 500 m2. We were producing only communication cables. The period in Gaziantep showed us also that we could produce the cables we were exporting with a correct structuring. With this enthusiasm, we started in 2014 our production on an open area of 14,000 m2 and covered area of 4,500 m2 in the 2nd Organized Industry Zone in Malatya. Presently, we are employing more than 100 persons, of which 20 are white collars.
What would you like to say about your production capacity and product range? How much of your production are you exporting and to which are your exports being realized?
We are using annually 3.300 tons copper, 700 tons aluminium and 8.000 tons plastic and have a production capacity of total 12.000 tons cables. We are producing communication group cables, low voltage, medium voltage and energy cables. 90% of our production is being exported. Lead by Middle-East; European Union countries, African countries and former Soviet countries are the regions we are exporting to. We are exporting to more than 50 countries. Currently, we have realized an export with a volume of more than 300 Million TL.
Are you conducting R&D and P&D works? If yes, can you tell us something about your works?
As you know, we are living in the information age. And the future will belong to companies, which rejuvenate them uninterruptedly. For example, manufacturers of the last three-five years like the giant companies Ericson, Nokia are vanquished since they couldn’t act agile in terms of R&D and P&D. We, Hanif Kablo, are aware of this. We are showing great efforts in order to not lose and even to develop our competitive strength in the market. We are periodically updating and revising our machines and equipments. On one hand, we are closely tracking all sector related developments and on the other hand, we are thinking on how we could generate innovations thanks to our professionals we employ within our entity and whop could be accepted as the doyens in the cable sector.
Could you tell about the position and importance of your company in the Turkish and the international market?
We are quite new in the domestic market. Our present market and our priority have always been exporting since we are a foreign trade originated company. But the political turbulences particularly in the Middle-East, which constituted our main market, directed us towards the domestic market. Yet, we are not at the level we desire in the domestic market. But we are aware of that we need to be patient. We diligently retain from aggressive policies which would change the balances in the sector. Nevertheless, though many political problems in the Middle-East, “Hanif Kablo” is one of the main actors in the region. Thank God, we were able to make the Chinese companies, with which we entered into a cutthroat competition, to accept our power. We were able to make them establish their price and quality policies according to us.
What are you doing in order to increase you domestic and abroad sales?
Actually, we can’t say that we would strive to increase our sales. That’s because we are acquiring façon services from our colleague cable manufacturers in our country at a rate of 40% of our sales since we even can’t fulfil our own orders.
But we envisage to increase our sales in the domestic market and our export ratio to countries except the Middle-East in order to be able to plan the future more secure since our original market is a geography full of crisis.
What are the goals of your company for 2017? Will you have new projects?
We, Hanif Kablo, are conducting our planning short, medium and long termed. Our short term perspective is to produce our orders completely within our own entity and to offer our customers, who we are thankful for preferring us, the most qualitative products with the most appropriate conditions during this term.
And in the medium term, we need to develop alternatives to our Middle-East market in order to avoid “survival problems”. Though we are exporting presently to European, African and former Soviet countries, we are unfortunately not at a ratio and level we would desire to be.
And we aim to bring our domestic market sales, which could be defined as “for the sake of appearance”, to a position, which Hanif Kablo deserves, and convert into a national brand. And our long term plan is to become an international brand and to be the source of proud for our country and to wave the crescent, our national symbol, in the whole world. And thus, both being a remedy, even if small, to the current deficit by making exports, which is our gangrenous national problem, and generating employment. We think that this is the only way to pay our debt for our homeland and nation in our way, which we will never be able to pay in full.
What would you like to add as your last words?
I thank you for your interest and consideration with regards to the cable sector primarily on behalf of my company, Hanif Kablo, and on behalf of the whole cable sector.


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