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Mehmet Arbek Akay Borsan Electric and Lighting Products Group CEO; SAMSUN IS AT THE CENTER STAGE OF TECHNOLOGY MEETING FAIR

Mehmet Arbek Akay Borsan Electric and Lighting Products Group CEO; SAMSUN IS AT THE CENTER STAGE OF TECHNOLOGY MEETING FAIR

Borsan has the first place in Samsun for cables and the lighting industry and 3rd in total that approved by the Industry and Technology Ministry as R & D Center, it started undergoing operations in-house in 2018 and it is Turkey’s leading domesticowned industrial enterprise stock exchange, it took place in Samsun Technology Meeting Fair.

Borsan, the pioneer company of Turkish industry with domestic capital, launched the first R & D Center of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Samsun in November 2018. 19 R & D engineers and research personnel are employed in the Borsan R & D Center, which is located on an area of approximately 350 square meters, where special equipment, devices and test programs are used in departments such as Fire Testing Laboratory, Lighting Laboratory, Metal and Polymer Laboratory.

Borsan, which provided a new R & D center to Samsun, participated in the “Technology Meetings Fair “organized in Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Multi-Purpose Hall with the support of the Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA) and hosted by Samsun Teknopark on 15-16 February 2019.

Borsan, which is one of the leading industrial corporations of Samsun and our country, gave information about the new R & D Center and the works carried out here, as well as the works carried out in cooperation with Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU). Also Borsan Cable, Borsan Cavi, Yilka and Borled products were also introduced in this fair.

Borsan, aims to carry competitive power to move further, to provide import substitution and value-added products to increase the country’s economy aims to increase the contribution of Borsan Electric and Lighting Products Group CEO Mehmet Arbek Akay: “Our R & D Center has the goal for higher competitiveness, new markets that will focus on new product development and process development activities with the aim of getting a higher share from the national and international markets and also designing and producing new products with high technological value and high added value. In addition, we aim to increase university-industry cooperation in which Borsan has been active in Samsun, to provide academic knowledge to create added value for field applications and product results in industry and to update and enrich the knowledge and experiences of university academicians on field and technology.” Akay added these to his words: within R&D center targets in order to contribute to the continuity of Borsan’s competitiveness, quality-enhancing, cost-cutting and product delivery times will be done to reduce the time to work.


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