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İpsen From yesterday to tomorrow

İpsen From yesterday to tomorrow

İpsan Plastik, which was founded in 1975 to be engaged with commercial activities on ropes, started to produce washing lines from plastic raw materials in 1985 as a small-scale enterprise. Diversification of products was realized in 1990 by adding production lines for package rope and twine. Following the decease of Emin İlhan, the founder of our family company, our company was reestablished in 1998 as a limited liability company by the second generation of our family. Nowadays the third generation also has undertaken responsibility in our company. Our company began to produce manila ropes from the imported natural jute yarn, special ropes used in the agriculture and fisheries sector, filling ropes for the cable industry and synthetic ropes for the hardware sector when we came to 2000s. In this way, our company achieved to produce the widest range of products in the rope and twine sector.

Second factory in Pendik, Kurtköy

We planned the production of new packaging products after our company focused on import-export activities in 2010. Stretch film and bubble wrap production started. Because the factory area in Büyükbakkalköy, Maltepe was insufficient production of bubble wrap has been moved to the new factory opened in Pendik, Kurtköy.

Our sales point and office are located at İSTOÇ Trade Center

Our sales point, showroom and office are located at İSTOÇ Trade Center located in Mahmutbey district in order to communicate with our guests coming from European side of Istanbul and different parts of our country and abroad because our factory is located in the Asian side of Istanbul,

Third factory in Organized Industrial Zone of Samsun province

It was decided to establish a plant for production of packaging materials in order to meet the requirements within the Black Sea Region and a factory having a covered area of 4000m² was rented in Organized Industrial Zone of Samsun province in the middle of 2017. Bubble wrap production line began active in September of 2017 and the industry requirements and especially requirements of the furniture sector within the Black Sea Region will be met quickly and economically by virtue of the wide bubble wrap bag machine ordered. Four production lines for production of packaging materials are also planned to be commissioned.

New brands and new products

İpsan Plastik, the well-known and reliable name of the rope and twine sector, in addition to being a company popular with its company name has also registered “Netsar” brand for packaging sector and “Emineller” brand for new products other than rope and package materials.

İpsan Plastic, following the operation period of more than 40 years, has the following features:

3 generations’ technical knowledge accumulation,
3 factories’ production, and
3 brands;

and based on these features our company one the hand, follows the constantly changing and evolving technology while on the other hand, it has the perseverance and effort of maintaining fundamental human values and commercial ethics with the same purity and sincerity it had during the establishment thereof.


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