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Hes Kablo Dealers met in Kayseri province Hes Kablo Dealers met in Kayseri province on April 10-13, 2019.

Hes Kablo Dealers met in Kayseri province Hes Kablo Dealers met in Kayseri province on April 10-13, 2019.

Alpaslan Baki Ertekin Board Member / CEO

Hes Kablo Dealers coming from four corners of Turkey, Hes Kablo Management, Members of the Board, CEO, General Manager and Senior Managers who were invited for “annual assessment and consultation” meeting which continued for 3 days, met each other at the Assessment and Target Meeting.

Mr. İsmail Avcı, Domestic Sales and Marketing Manager of Hes Kablo, made an evaluation of the industry and Hes Kablo’s status in 2018 and expressed his opinions in order to achieve the target realization status of 2019 and taking steps in line with these targets in the presentation he made that by representing the Headquarters. Mr. Avcı explained their policymaking activities as Hes Kablo without compromising on Corporateness and Quality with a sustainable approach in line with current conditions as well as their R&D activities and their understanding of product diversity and payments.

Mr. Avcı talked about the process our country is passing through and the measures which have to be taken as stakeholders. Mr. İsmail Avcı underlined the fact although the cost structure is created with inputs 80% of which is based on USD they made longterm sales by using Turkish Lira and provided support to the economy. Mr. Avcı expressed that stance of Hes Kablo which is the largest and most reliable cable Brand of Turkey -without compromising on Corporateness despite the extreme fluctuations in dollar and copper was an attitude to be appreciated and received a standing ovation by the participants.

Mr. Şahin Nursaçan, General Manager of Hes Kablo, shared the most recent information as to their activities conducted in 2018, the company’s prospective works and investments works of which have commenced in addition to the planned investments with the Participants in his welcome speech. Mr. Nursaçan stated that despite the exchange rate shocks beginning in the second half of 2018 the company was successful and that as from the second half of 2019, the economy of the country will begin to recover and be more active therefore, as a country and a company they should always look forward and not to back and therefore they were the leader of the industry and expressed his belief that current situation is not going to be permanent and the businesses will be better. Mr. Şahin Nursaçan also mentioned that Hes Kablo is not the leader of the sector only in terms of turnover but also in terms of brand awareness, quality, product variety, reliability and respectability and they were also highly appreciated by their aftersales services. Lastly, Mr. Alpaslan Baki Ertekin, Board Member/CEO of the company said that they closed the year of 2018 at a very satisfactory level as Hes Kablo and his belief is that 2019 will also be completed in favor of their brand in the same way thanks to the measures taken and the activities carried out and as Senior Management and the Company Management they are always strong supporters of both Hes Kablo and its valued dealers. Mr. Ertekin wished success to Hes Kablo Family.

The esteemed dealers of Hes Kablo attending to the meeting shared their valuable opinions with all participants in order to be helpful to decisionmakers in the light of the facts of the sector, brand and made contribution for their common future.

Hes Kablo Family, visiting Erciyes Mountain after the meeting, met in the Evening Gala Dinner after lunch. The next day Hes Kablo owning the industry’s largest and wellequipped factories in Turkey took the dealers visit to the production facilities and information was provided as to the facilities and production. Following the intense works of 2 days, the dealers spent their time together at the dinner given and the Kayseri meeting was ended.


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