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Hakan Tanış Turkey Manager of PAN CHEMICALS : We’ve been forging our way since the establishment of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. over the last 30 years. We also think that we’re adding positive values to Turkish Industry and economy as our Turkey Office; PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS which we founded 4 years ago.

Hakan Tanış  Turkey Manager of PAN CHEMICALS : We’ve been forging our way since the establishment of PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. over the last 30 years. We also think that we’re adding positive values to Turkish Industry and economy as our Turkey Office; PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS which we founded 4 years ago.

Factory-Headquartes founded in Northern Italy, PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A., with 2 offices, 10 distribution facilities and 20 represantative units in different parts of the World reaching more than 80 countries is a consistently growing global chemical raw material producer. We talked to Hakan Tanış, Turkey Manager of PAN CHEMICALS about the firm’s future, approach and economical developments…
So how did the voyage of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS began in Turkey, what was the vision and what has been lived since 2014 as it swinged into action, if you could kindly share with us?
In July 2013, we laid the foundation of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS to support Turkish Wire Firms by ‘just in time(jit)’ principle, with whom we were already cooperating or willing to cooperate, responding to their needs and demands faster and accordingly.
After completing strategic planning and feasibility, we officially established our firm proper to Turkish Tax Law, in January 2014. As in the first days of our 5th year officially, we’ve of course faced some difficulties. Such as fluctations on the Euro/TL parity, unforeseen increases at the costs of our own materials or the changes in Turkish Tax Law and legistations, which we all faced but never departed from our way to this day we could say.
As for 2018, we can gladly say that we’re more clear about our way from now on. We can also declare that our periodic plans and the strategies back afforded us the opportunity to look into our marketing activities from a larger window.
We already know that PAN CHEMICALS is mainly producing lubricants for wire drawing industry. Could you please share us your other main products?
We as PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. are one of the worlwide leader; producing; lubricants, coatings, fluxes, waxes and auxiliary products. Also, supplying; Wire Drawing Dies (TC, PCD, RND, [Our Special Type of Dies] Pressure Dies and Rotating Dies), Wiping Pads and Spiral Brushes.
We also produce machines to ease the wire drawing process (rotating die boxes, cleaning Technologies for pre or after drawing processes, mechanical descalers, die reconditioning machineris, mechanical wire wipers, wire shot blasting machineries, wire sanding machines, precoating and drying units (inline), scale collector filtration units for phospate baths.
We’re also certified by UNIEN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.
Can you give us information about which locations you’re supplying your products?
As to keep close contact; following our sale and aftersale support operations accordingly, we’re taking Turkey locations city by city such as mainly İstanbul,, then we could say; Kocaeli, Sakarya, Düzce, Karabük, Amasya, Kayseri, Bursa, Balıkesir, İzmir, Manisa, Denizli, Mersin, Adana, Hatay and Osmaniye.
We’re also following our target locations proper to our marketing projects.
What about your observations and researchs on 2017 Turkey Iron-Metal Industry and Turkish Wire Industry? What are your expectations from industry for 2018 if you could share with us?
Iron-Metal export of Turkey increased roughly about 8% reaching 20 Million Tons compared to previous year as our observations and press information shows.
If we consider the export quantitie of industry over the last year by countries Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong-Kong and Canada coming front respectively. So the trade relationship we developed with Italy is remarkably accelerated which naturally, positively affected us as PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY and PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS TURKEY.
As for 2018 we’re anticipating a higher stepping with higher tonages in a more visionary approach; stable an deven more determinant Turkish Industry.
If we examine our expectation by the Export Trade Expectation Explanations of Turkish Economy Department 8th January 2018 Official Statistics Program; we may gladly declare a 5% increase in Turkish Foreign Trade compared to the first quarter of the last year.
We know that the Factory Headquarters of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS TURKEY is in Italy. So if we consider the economical developments from Italy’s side; could you share your opinions and give information about the country based export if you could please?
If we point to the Roma Trade Councillorship; Italy completed 2017 with 450 Billion Euros goods and services trade. It is also expected to push this amount to 500 Billion Euros in shortterm. If we turn our face to Italian trade Agency-Prometia(ICE)’s foresgiht; Italy is being considered to be much more remarkable especially in Asia until 2020.
So How do you regard to the current and near future of possible trade volume between Turkey and Italy?
There have been remarkable steps taken between Turkey and Italy especially in 2014 if look at the numbers of data of TUIK.
This steps followed a pattern reaching 20 Billion Dollars. We also know that companies in both countries working to get this relationships and volume to higher levels of import/export actions for coming periods. We hope that these fellowship winds will reflect even more on both’s trade facilities and result in a mutual positive acceleration for both countries.
We’ve had a nice conversation with you. Thanks for everything. Finally we’d like to hear if you’d like to add something.
By the means of this interview, first you, then Turkish Wire Industry and all Industry we wish you all a happy new year. We hope the new year brings us all new areas, new targets, new markets, opportunities and there again to every people in industry, business, hope us all higher tonages, greater volumes. With all our best intentions and respect.


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