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HAKAN TANIS PAN CHEMICAL S.p.A. – TURKEY COUNTRY MANAGER: We are stronger now with our new establishment; PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS Mexico Plant

HAKAN TANIS PAN CHEMICAL S.p.A. – TURKEY COUNTRY MANAGER: We are stronger now with our new establishment; PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS Mexico Plant

Hello Mr. Hakan, we know by your information that there is a new establishment called PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS within PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. Could you give us some details with our readers about this? We’d be grateful if you inform us PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY’s updated service units with this new settlement. Hello, indeed we have a partially new evolution on PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. side.

Which had laid the foundation back about 2 years ago we could say; I mean PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS… PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS is PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A.’s production plant/factory in Mexico, which was established to service our collaboratives in South America and of course Northern America with lower costs, faster and more efficient. With this progress, PAN CHEMICALS targets a more active service in America Regions which we could say the left side of the map for us and partially East, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Therefore; we can gladly say that, by 2019, with headquarters factory PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY, Mexico Plant; PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS and Turkey Office; PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS, began to become more influental on it’s industrial era. Besides these establishments we mentioned, we have ditributors in 10 different countries and agencies in 20 different countries. This way we’re giving service to nearly 100 different countries.

Following PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS is it possible that we may see new enterprises in near future? If you look from PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A.’s window, with the new developments in World economy, what do you think about making additional investments?

All is possible of course. By the information I got from our General Manager Dr. Luigi Vago; it’s possible that we may make new advancements examining our feasibility and master plans by the World Wire Industry needs and demands, accordingly. To elaborate; we are aware that when an investment made we should absolutely not miss any detail about global economy developments, also we’d like to point that, in 2018, local currencies loosing value against dollar and Euro forced us to take extra precatuions and additional applications just like other companies. That said, watching economical developments, we can point that our project based works and additional investments are of course at stake.

We’d like you to look at the global economy from PAN CHEMICAL S.p.A.’s Turkey Office PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS view? How do you evaluate ongoing developments in our country in 2018, could you please share with us?

If we look from our perspective to both globally and especially Turkey economy, as you mentioned in your previous question; the value loss of local currencies branded 2018. This situation that was seriously began to make itself feel especially from summer months; must have troubled many companies with their transfers. Of course the prepared companies fort he situation might have been less affected. Especially fort the wire industry where all the inputs are in Euro or Dollar and all the outputs converted by TL in local market must have resulted some companies reducing production / tonnage, pausing or postponing investments and various out of plan periods.

By the last months of 2018 as our economy got into a more stable phase has been a sigh of relief to both suppliers like us and manufacturers. We think that all the wheels of Turkish economy should do their part for the companies to follow their plans accordingly but also for the fluctatiton in Euro/Dollar/TL parity. So by 2019 we may face softer transitive money market, hence minimum negative impact, so the market acceleratingly grow, so we’ll be realizing our plans more positively regarding our optimistic predictions.

How do you evaluate your position in market since the establishment of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS? To summerize our question, could you share the short, middle and long term plans of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS? Are you planning to gain new markets, how do you direct your plan and strategies by which situations, if you could share with us?

We are aware that we came a quite long way since the establishment of PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS as we’re celebrating our 5. Year and we still have a long way to go. So it’s always actual to us that we have to work a lot more under Turkish Wire Industry to add many values to Turkish economy. We can gladly and kindly declare that we are reaping the fruits of our short term plans which we made during the establishment stage as our firm.

For the upcoming short periods, in accordance with our target; we’ll be trying to preserve and even increase our market share, as which is very important to us to be the only supplier with total quality manner and cultivate this notion into Turkish Cable Industry blended with our ‘just in time’ principle in long term. Of course this is a lesson we’re always working on hard, will come into life with our collaborators, as we’re step by step climbing, we’d like to announce by your magazine.

We can also inform you that in near future we as PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS are to step into some important projects. Our statistical data examinations and reportings are going on Project based. We’ll be honoured to inform your readers and public when these projects will come into life.

Mr. Hakan, thank you for your sincere answers to our questions during our interview. In addition, as we know you are attending WIRE FAIR on 28 February Thursday – 2 March 2018 Tuesday which will be made in Istanbul Fuar Merkezi(ifm) – Yesilköy / Istanbul. What would you like to say to your collaborators, could you please share your views?

As you pointed we’re participating in WIRE FAIR on 28 February Thursday – 2 March 2018 Tuesday in Istanbul Fuar Merkezi (ifm)- Yesilköy / Istanbul. We welcome every firms we’re collabolarating and will collaborate to our stand in Hall 9 – Stand H1 – A. I will personally be in the stand with our technical staff coming from PAN CHEMICALS ITALY S.p.A. ITALY. We’d like to declare to all our collaborators who will visit us that we’ll be giving information and comment about our r&d studies and our present products in this fair, and also get feed-back from them. We’d like to wish a good fair already now to the firms who will visit us.

Mr. Hakan thank you for your time shared with us. If you have thoughts and shares tos um up, we’d like to listen. Thank for sharing your precious time with us. We celebrate first your readers’s and then your and whole Turkish Industry. We wish the new year healthier, happier and more successful to us all.



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