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Gündüz Yaman Omnis Kompozit Ltd. Sti. Sales Marketing Manager; Omnis Kompozit Ltd. brings quality to cable sector by its glass fiber roving supply

Gündüz Yaman Omnis Kompozit Ltd. Sti. Sales Marketing Manager; Omnis Kompozit Ltd. brings quality to cable sector by its glass fiber roving supply

High-density data transfer has become a necessity in our day and consequently fiber optic cables have become a part of our lives much more than before. GSM operators’ replacing their sub-structures with fiber optic cables is an indicator of this fact. The fiber optic cables, providing information transfer by virtue of light, are utilized intensively in long distance and local communication networks.

Fiber can be employed in places where electrical insulation is obligatory because is not conductive.

Fiber is ideal for environments such as chemical factories and military bases where a small electric current can cause an explosion. One of the most common areas of its use is the medical field. Plastic fiber generally is used for tasks such as endoscopy and image transfer in this area. Fiber can also be utilized in transferring light to places where people are unable to enter or where people should not enter as well as inaccessible areas

1- FRP central strength member
2- Thermoplastic tube
3- Filling material
4- Glass Fiber roving
5-Copolymer corrugated steel armor
6-Block PE Sheath

Fire resistant cables

Many energy and signal cables utilized in our day have fire resistant types and are widely employed in fire systems. Fiber optic cables’ being fire-resistant has become a necessity in line with the increase of technological level of fire systems.

The most significant feature which distinguishes fireresistant fiber optic cables from other standard fiber optic cables is that they can continue functioning even in the event of a fire. Another feature of these cables is their emitting less smoke to the environment. In this way, the risk of toxic poisoning and suffocation is decreased to minimum while the safety of life is carried to the highest level. The cables continue functioning for at least 180 minutes during the fire. They are used in public places such as hotels, hospitals, schools as well as shopping and business centers.

Fiber optic cables protected against rodents

Cables can be subject to various hazards and attacks depending on the location and installation method. One of the most important causes of these threats or attacks is rodents. Rodents cause severe damage to wires by biting or gnawing the outer sheath of cables. Cables designs protected from rodents are gaining importance in order to be protected from all these kinds of losses in our day.

Glass yarn at a certain density (weight) is used on the core or on the inner shell of the cable in order to protect fiber optic cables from rodents. In this way, the cable is effectively protected from small rodents. Even if the rodents damage the outer sheath of the cable, they cannot pass through the glass yarn layer and reach the core of the cable. One of the most important reasons of rodents failing to reach the core of the cable is that glass yarns are broken and pricking the rodent’s mouth or tongue. As a result, the rodents give up their desire for biting or eating.

In fiber optic cables, fiber glass and WR direct wrapping glass fiber rovings (300-410-600-900-1200 tex (g / 1000 m) are used. Glass fiber rovings can be both wound into a helical band and drawn in free form.

The advantages glass fiber rovings provide to optical fiber cable are as follows:
-To meet the desired tensile strength (resistance)
-To ensure that the insulation structure is not harmed and no change occurs in current carrying capacity in hot environment and under fire
– To ensure protection from damage given by rodents in the place it is applied
-To ensure water tightness in the radial direction

Omnis Kompozit Ltd, which has started its operations in 2012 furnishes raw material, machinery and advisory services to the composite and construction sector in Turkey and the countries in its neighboring region by virtue of its local and foreign representations which are leaders in their fields.

Our company, Omnis Kompozit Ltd, supplies fire resistant glass fiber roving to fiber optic cable manufacturers as the authorized dealer of Camelyaf A.S.


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