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General Analyses About World’s Largest 20 Economes and PAN CHEMICALS’ Global View on the Subject

General Analyses About World’s Largest 20 Economes and PAN CHEMICALS’ Global View on the Subject

Hello Mr. Hakan, could you briefly tell us about your firm, firm’s structure and products?

Hello, our firm PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. is a manufacturer, founded in 1987, Northern Italy, by competent and experienced people, mainly producing; wire drawing lubricants, wire galvanizing fluxes, waxes and wire coating Chemicals, and has ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001 nad ISO 14001 quality sertificates. PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY also consists PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS Turkey Office that was founded in 2013 and PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS Mexico factory that was founded in 2017.

Also, we have 10 distributor companies and 20 representatives in different countries.

With sister companies and collaborators we’re supplying our products to nearly 100 countries.

We’d like you to give information about your products and their details.

PAN CHEMICALS’s main production and activity era; wire drawing lubricants (powder, liquid, gel; calcium, sodium and calcium/ sodium mix), wire galvanizing fluxes that works in room temparature (without extra heating) and with low baume (5 baume) (half amount usage compared to double salted fluxes), specially researched&developed wire galvanizing waxes, wire coatings and various auxiliary chemical products to wire drawing firms (steel, copper, bronze, alluminum) Along with these products; spiral brushes that clean wire surface, wiping pads that are used after galvanizing process and dies provided.

Additionally PAN CHEMICALS has various consultancy, engineering and project services to World wire industry.

PAN CHEMICALS is presenting these products and services to World wire industry going along with jit (just in time) principle and total quality approach with the vision of being the one and only supplier.

Thank you for the information you shared Mr. Hakan. If we’re to talk about a bit about the exhibitions, could you tell us about the exhibitions both you attend as participant or visitor as your firm, if you could share with us?

First of all we can begin with Düsseldorf/Germany Wire Exhibition which is organised once in 2 year. Shanghai/China Wire Exhibition bounding between South and South East Asia wire and wire related manufacturers and suppliers that are presented to an huge amount of participants, then Mumbai/India Wire Exhibiton supported by Indian wire firms, Bangkok / Thailand Wire Exhibiton for Southeast Asia Wire market and also Brasilian Wire Exhibiton in Sao Paulo where almost all Latin World’s heartbeat, InterWire Exhibiton in Atlanta/USA, Moscow/Russia Wire Fair for generally North and North Asia countries, and finally Istanbul/Turkey Wire Fair which we all attend as participants or visitors.

Along with these fairs we’re also participating different industrial exhibitions all around the World and of course in Istanbul. By these exhibitions we’re expanding our networks and reaching many different firms we can say. That’s why we’re following all industrial exhibitions around the World.

You were participant in Wire Exhibition on Istanbul Fair Center(ifm) 28th February – 2nd March. How did the event passed from your view we’d like you share, also what’s the next exhibition you will participate if you could share with us?

Yes, as you mentioned we were participant in Istanbul Wire Exhibition on 28nd February and 2nd March that took into action in Istanbul Fair & Exhibition Center (ifm) that was organised to gather all the wire firms in Turkey under a single roof. We consider this exhibition as an important event for Turkey that is organised once in 2 year. We participated this exhibition the 3rd time and we could say the exhibition has been on a quite positive return to our side.

During this event we’ve added customers to our portfolio except our existing customers from Turkey. And we also made connections with visitors, such as from; Russia, Egypt and Qatar on various levels globally.

During the fair me leading; my assistant Ahmet Emrah Ulugün, PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY – Technical Area Sales Responsible Signor Luca Ferrari and Signor Nicola Ghirardelli was present on our stand. Here by your magazine I’d like to thank to all my fellow colleagues for their contribution and support.

If we get to your second question; we’re looking forward to INTERWIRE – Wire Exhibition that will be on 14-16 May 2019 in Georgia World Congress Center – Atlanta/Georgia/USA that our Mexican colleagues are intensely preparing. We’d like to declare that on stand number 1616 we’d show great hospitality to our visitors, we’ll answer with the best possible solutions to their demands and needs and offer best quality production respectively. We’d like to share our best wishes to all our collaborators both as a participant and visitor for 2019 Interwire Exhibiton. We hope that all PAN CHEMICALS S.p.A. ITALY, PAN CHEMICALS BOSPHORUS TURKEY and PAN CHEMICALS AMERICAS MEXICO will get one step closer to their goals as a result of their SMART plans. We also hope that our current and potential collaborators higher tonnages of production in a quality way acceleratingly, on Turkey and Italy first and then whole Europe, Mexico, America, Oceania, Asia and Africa regions.

Mr. Hakan thanks for your sincere answers. We know that you’re closely monitoring Turkey and even World Economy. Hence we’d like to consider Turkey in global context and current financial situations and developments in World.

ANSWER – 5 : If we consider World as a football and the countries as the hexagonal ‘’asymmetrical’’ panels on it; without a doubt USA WİTH 25% share close to 20 trillion dollars volume has biggest share, then China with an 15% support to World economy, Japan with 6%, 5% Germany and %3,5 United Kingdom respectively, and then with 2,5 trillion dollars share France and India, with 2 trillion dollars Brasil and Italy, finally with a bit more than 1,5 trillion dollar support Canada as the first ten countries.

Along with these, to mention a bit more about other countries that contribute significant role in global economy are; Russia, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, Holland, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland respectively. These second 10 countries support are equivalent to approximately 15% in total.

Generally, the countries that are leading in heavy industries are affecting global financial power about 85%. Therefore any small negative effect may harm seriously the structure of this football which is foreseen so countries are always to keep their defensive lines ready and put their offensive players to the most important zone of the area, facing new economical conditions we think.

We’ll all see if any potential interaction will be positive or negative all together and comment accordingly in the future. Regards,

Hakan TANIŞ [PAN CHEMICALS – Country Manager / Turkey]


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