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Factory Manager Hüseyin BATMAZ and Production Manager İbrahim ORGUN:We will participate in canton import&export fair to be organized in China During 15th to 19th October 2017

Factory Manager Hüseyin BATMAZ and Production Manager İbrahim ORGUN:We will participate in canton import&export fair to be organized in China During  15th to 19th October 2017

What is the outlook of 2017 up to this day? Could you please make an assessment for this year in terms of your company and the entire cable industry?
We would state that a slowdown is experienced in global economic growth and global trade volume throughout the industry by 2017 as well as the increase in commercial risks due to low interest rates and direct capital investment inputs. As a general assessment, we would also underline the entire industry together with all companies suffered until now due to insecure trade environment and market conditions caused by instability in the market and global political disputes. A positive fact fails to be experienced due to domestic and international political issues, market instability and currency fluctuations whereas it is realized the companies operating in all industries could only stand still in this ambient without any growth or try to reach the end of this year with minimum losses. As we respond to this question on behalf of our company, we have been operating in customer and quality oriented manner since the foundation date. Regardless of market conditions, our company maintains this approach in 2017 by providing better quality products and services in a cost effective and timely manner with optimum resources and advantages. Our company also performs continuous improvement and development for staff training purposes. By our corporate management approach, we are quite selective in our operations and we are very sensitive in terms of costs. Accordingly, we are proceeding in a specific strategy.
Unfair competition is one of the most complained issues in the cable industry? Is it experienced mostly in domestic market? Or does it also appear in exports?
Unfair competition is one of the main problems disturbing both our industry and other industries. It is very disturbing for us to be compared with under the counter firms regarded as “manufacturers” only for presence within the same industry. We take our competitors as an example for us. We reached today only by focusing on our targets by respecting our competitors and by focusing on our targets. However, we call under the counter firms as “domestic Chinese” or “temporary” industrialists. We are really disturbed by the companies creating unfair competition and trying hard to catch your customers. Yet, we are not in the same league with such firms. This case harms the country’s economy, industry and suppliers whereas it is necessary for the manufacturers to consider this case in a broad perspective. When we move this problem to a global platform, we would underline that the stated problems also occurs in this platform. Thus, the complaints on unfair competition are not only related to relevant countries, but also they pose a global threat. Numerous manufacturers work to increase or maintain the market share. As a result of this condition, unfair competition occurs in our country as well as in the world cable market.
“3 or 4 brands appear on relevant specifications of major projects in Turkey. Nobody would notice even though the stated brands are closed and the authorities keep writing such brands. What is your opinion on this statement? Are other companies ineligible?Is there an indestructible wall?
My personal opinion on creating profitable, quality and successful works is that the industry should be guided by strong brands developed in terms of organization, background and machinery. I would like to underline this condition should not be referred to monopoly. I don’t believe the view that the companies except of specific brands are insufficient. In general, it is required that the entire industry should be developed and managed efficiently.
Do you agree with the view that compulsory CPR EN 50575 criteria in EU would “boost the exports to EU states”?
Our company is aware that innovation and R&D investments lead to a considerable increase in product quality and structure by providing added value. Thus, our company makes continuous investments in this field and stands as a sole supplier preferred by main industrialists through its successful performance in global arena with economic solutions and customer oriented quality approach. In this respect, we followed recent issues regarding EN 50575 standard regulating the implementation of Construction Materials Regulation (CPR) in the cable industry. As ELCAB KABLO, we also followed the criteria on the cables to be used in buildings and other infrastructures. The stated criteria will be required for cable exports to EU countries during 2017. Therefore, we took necessary steps whereas we conducted research and development activities for our organizational structure. We believe the stated standard would boost the exports to EU states.
We mostly address the problems with your Turkish colleagues or competitors. Well, what are the problems you encounter with your competitors from different countries in international markets? Do you observe any deficiency in the products of such competitors in terms of quality, functionality, etc.?
As I replied to the previous question, most manufacturers perform different studies to maintain or increase the market share. Naturally, an unfair competition occurs in our country and in the world cable industry. As we observe our competitors in international markets, it seems that most companies renounce product quality in order to minimize costs and lead times while they are trying to increase production capacity. Alternatively, most companies operate in idle capacities regardless of capacity increase and involve in unfair price rise since this condition reflects on relevant costs. What is worse is that poor quality or nonfunctional products appear day by day. It is essential to manufacture quality products with high capacity rates and provide services to customers in a timely manner through effective marketing strategies.
Various issues gained awareness in recent years such as occupational training, climate change and environmental consciousness. Could you please inform us on your social responsibility projects and your approach to this case?
Unfortunately, the most chronic problem is the absence of qualified intermediate staff in our country. In our country, most people holding engineering degrees are graduated without using a screwdriver. As ELCAB KABLO, we believe high schools or similar vocational and technical schools should be established to train intermediate staff for primary industries such as white goods, automotive or textiles. By such schools, we can train skilled and practical people and ensure them to be involved in the industry from a good starting point. As a young entrepreneur with vocational high school background, our founding partner Mr. Nejdet Tıskaoğlu leads our constant communication with vocational high schools. We contribute to the training of students with our expert team. We put emphasis on such works to create a better infrastructure in future. Furthermore, we perform our activities in an environment friendly manner since the environment is our natural habitat. We act according to this approach in all projects. The compliance with environment and waste treatment procedures are our first priority in all installation or renovation projects. We perform all procedures in accordance with our environment policy and ISO 18001.


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