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Ersin Turgut, the Board Member of Seval Kablo A.S. said: Sayfa Seval Kablo is shining with their renewals and export perfor-mance both in Denizli and all throughout the country

Ersin Turgut, the Board Member of Seval Kablo A.S. said: Sayfa Seval Kablo is shining with their renewals and export perfor-mance both in Denizli and all throughout the country

As the area surrounding the land where our factory is situated is full, we have a problem of space for our new facilities. Ersin Turgut, who stated that they are planning to establish the biggest cable pro-duction facility of Turkey by bringing “Mega Factory” project into life, shared information about the sector with us. Furthermore, our machinery is being renewed to produce stronger products with higher tonnage.
Can we get to know Seval Kablo from your own words ?
The foundations of our company began to be established as Hasan Ali TURGUT, being the Board Chairman of SEVAL KABLO, founded Cagdas Elektrik in Izmir in year 1974. They have realized the sales of electrical materials and cables successfully in Izmir and in Aegean Region for long years and they have become a well known company in Turkey. By starting their production in year 1980 in Denizli on an area of 300 m2, they have become one of the most modern and biggest facilities of Turkey today. Seval Kablo has reached a capacity to process 42.000 tons of copper and 60.000 tons of granule annually at their 6 production facilities that are integrated having a closed area of 50.000 m2 and a total area of 70.000 m2, and 500 experienced staff in the total. Seval Kablo produces their products in accordance with TSE – HAR – BASEC – SII – VDE – KEMA – NF – GOST – TUV standards, IS0 9001 – 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems, CE directive, and RoHS. While Seval Kablo exports 75 percent of their products, they are selling 25 percent of their products to the domestic market. In order to respond quickly to the market dynamics and to the customer requests, the sales in the domestic market are being realized through Cagdas Kablo.
Together with our 85 personnel who are experienced in the market as being specialized in their sub-ject, with our branches (with stocks) in İzmir, Ankara, İstanbul, and Bursa and with our Logistics Cen-ter in Denizli, we are continuing to work to provide the best services to our solution partners who prefer us and to achieve better outcomes each day as SEVAL KABLO family. The biggest important factor that makes a company exist, is people. Our company has always showed great attention to make investment to quality personnel. As Seval Kablo, we don’t consider our personnel only as our employees but as members of Seval Kablo family.
To which countries and regions is Seval Kablo realizing exports effectively? What is your strategy regarding market diversification in exports ? Can we learn about your target markets and your export volume for these markets?
Generally we are working with all countries.Mainly our exports to Northern Europe, Africa, and USA are of great scale. In these countries our brand awareness is improving and we are a brand being preferred in the sector. Middle East and Northern Africa come after this market. In order to diversify the target market, we are reducing risk by choosing countries with different structures. By conside-ring all political, economical, and cultural features, we are determining the target market in that respect. One of the most important factors for us is the competitive environment in a market. We are implementing this by making selection and analysis with our experienced personnel in the best way. In this process, we are using various methods, that comprise commercial representatives and fairs.
We are determining the volume as per the structure and requirements of countries. Generally, we wish to use 20% of our export volume in new potential markets. What is the share of research and development and innovation in the rise of your company?
We have one of the most modern and large quality control laboratories in Turkey. Currently there are experienced engineers in almost every field within the body of Seval Kablo. Each product, no matter whether it is small or big, is being produced and inspected as per the quality control docu-ments.
Our company has high production capability with production varieties. Contribution of our research and development studies in this is very big. Our company realizes the production of special, installation, low and medium voltage cables. To meet the special needs and preferences of custo-mers, which are changing fast in the sector both in Turkey and in the world, is one of the most important particulars for us. For this reason, each new requirement of our customers means a new research and development study for our company. Our company has got the equipment and expe-rience that could meet all kinds of requirements of our customers. Besides, we are one of the companies that can make classification for flame resistance (CPR) with respect to cables having fire durability. We are establishing our laboratory that is equipped with the latest technology relating with this subject.
Our company can realize PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) and HFFR(Halogen Free Flame Retardant) plastic production within its body.We are continuing with our studies to improve the flame resistance performance being halogen free and having low smoke density, to the highest level. Regarding this topic, we have commenced our common activities with TUBITAK. We are able to realize tests of all kinds of cables in world standards at our laboratory and we are also providing services to our competitor companies at the same time.
Investment and growth targets for year 2017 Seval Kablo continues to realize investments since the time it was founded. Our company has completed their final investment in 2015 for medium voltage cables with copper and aluminium conductivity up to 66 kV and has made their product range become complete. Increasing the capacity of Copper Processing Facility has been among the investments being realized most recently and this has enabled for the capacity of copper enterprise to rise from 2000 tons to 3000 tons. With our investment for halogen-free production facility, our quality control laboratory which is the most modern one in Turkey as comprising a big team, and with the studies of engineers in the research and development center, they are planning to add many new product varieties to their product range in the coming period. Furthermore, with our new lines, we have succeeded to increase our production capacity with a ratio of %35. We have got new machinery, the installation of which is continuing and we have production lines which are awaiting for. Our investments will also continue in 2016. As it is known, in year 2015, with our final investment for “Medium voltage cable with copper and aluminum conductivity up to 42 kv” we have eliminated an important missing particular and we have made our product range become complete.
Seval Kablo has grown for minimum %50 in the last 10 years and they have continued with their steady acceleration. It depends on financial strength, production of quality products and services and mainly on new investments in order for this growth to become permanent.
When we look at it from this perspective, as being a company that competes with world giants, it is inevitable to realize new investments. Just like in the previous times, as Seval Kablo we will realize our investments as based on qualified personnel, technological infrastructure and research and development. Because we are having more belief in our sector every day due to our “Seval Brand” products that are identified with quality, with our 400 personnel who are specialized in their fields, and with our technical infra-structure . As the area around the land where our factory is situated is full, we have a space problem for our new facilities. By realizing our “Mega Factory” project, we are planning to bring the biggest cable production facility of Turkey into life.
Besides, our machinery is being renewed to produce stronger products with bigger tonnages.


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