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Corporate Governance rating note of Turkish Prysmian Cable: 2017 S 91,13!

Corporate Governance rating note of Turkish Prysmian Cable: 2017 S 91,13!

Corporate Governance Rating of Turkish Prysmian Cable, the Turkish affiliate of Pysmian Group, the leading worldwide Group in energy and telecommunications cables sector increased successively for seven years and rose to 91.13 out of 100 in 2017.
“Corporate Governance Rating of Turkish Prysmian Cable” for 2017 has been announced. In the study prepared every year by Saha Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services which is engaged in corporate governance rating activities under the license of Capital Market in Turkey Board (CMB), Turkish Prysmian’s “Corporate Governance Rating” note has been increased this year again and updated as 91,13 out of 100.
Turkish Prysmian’s Corporate Governance Rating Note Index, which was 90.92 out of 100 in 2016, has increased by 13.55 points in total since 2009 when it was included in the index. The increase in this note demonstrates Turkish Prysmian’s commitment to corporate governance principles and its determination to carry it out as a dynamic process.
Turkish Prysmian Cable has achieved 91.34 points in the average; 91.94 points from the shareholders section, 92.88 from the Public Enlightment and Transparency section, 92.26 from the stakeholder section and 88.81 from the Board of Directors section and consequently documented once more that it has complied with the principles of corporate governance at the highest level.
“Corporate Governance Rating” of Turkish Prsymian which was first calculated by Saha Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Services in 2009 as 77.58 became 80.79 in 2010, 81.50 in 2011, 84.39 in 2012, 86.55 in 2013, 90.62 in 2014, 90.90 in 2015 and 90.92 in 2016. Turksih Prysmian which unintermittently contrbuted to the Turkish economy and industry for a period of more than 50 years was ranked in the 1st group according to the World Corporate Governance Index (WCGR) published by the World Corporate Governance Rating in July 2017 by SAHA. Turksih Prysmian aims at continuing its ongoimg increase in the upcomimg years as well.
Regarding the rating note obtained by his company, CFO of Turkish Prysmian Cable, Mr. Ercan Gokdag made the following assessment: “Our company attaches great importance to the regulations regarding Corporate Governance. When we take into account our scores in the past years, the rating graph shows a consistent upward trend. This demonstrates that we are carrying out our activities in a fair, transparent, accountable and responsible manner as the only publicly traded company in the Turkish cable sector. With the improvements to be made over the coming years, we plan to carry our Corporate Rating note to even higher levels and we have also initiated our efforts in this direction”.
On the other hand Turkish Prysmian’s CEO Mr. Erkan Aydogdu made the following statement on the subject: “We would like to underline that our mission “We link Turkey to tomorrow” that we have announced in 2011 for the first time is not only a company motto. We link Turkey to tomorrow with all our assets including our employees up to the projects worldwide that we put into practice with our cables. We work for this purpose. In line with this mission we managed to increase our Corporate Governance Rating Note this year as we had done every year up to now. This steady rise is of special importance for our company in terms of showing our commitment to corporate governance principles and our determination to carry it out as a continuous and dynamic process. ”
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