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Anıl Göker ÖZDEN /Production Manager; Koç Plastik We are one of the leading establishments of Turkey in HFFR, PE and PVC Compound production sector with our capacity and investment amount.

Anıl Göker ÖZDEN /Production Manager; Koç Plastik We are one of the leading establishments of Turkey in HFFR, PE and PVC Compound production sector with our capacity and investment amount.

Our company KOÇ Plastik was founded in 1993 and operates in the plastic industry in our factory with a total area of 20,000 m2 , of which 6000 m2 is indoor area, in Çorlu/Tekirdağ with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons and we are continuing our production activities by taking rapid steps.
We provide our production and services in international quality standards in order to ensure that our customers can compete in the market. It is possible to manage change, fulfill requirements and present solutions beyond expectations only by being close to the customers. KOÇ Plastik is a company which can foresee tomorrow, which is open to innovations and which has adopted the principle of adapting to changes. Our primary goal is to present value-added solutions to production with the right technology at home and abroad, adapt quickly to technological developments, lead the changing process, keep consumer and employee satisfaction at the highest level and become a global company in the industry preferred by domestic and foreign business partners in the first degree. KOÇ Plastik combines its technical know-how gained in 24 years with its high production capacity and successfully applies timely and uninterrupted supply system to its customers both in Turkey and the regional markets. Koç Plastik has adopted the principle of producing the highest quality products in the shortest time and at minimal cost in line with the requests of customers.
Koç Plastik has aimed to be a company adopting the principles of quality production, continuous improvement and plain manufacturing production by respecting the environment and humanity with advanced technology and equipment at each unit thereof.
Our company makes production in the light of modern technological developments in our production department in line with our goal of reaching new markets and becoming a preferred company at international level. Presented ideas and offers are conveyed to our valued customers with their finest details. We see it as a fundamental duty to produce high quality raw materials which we develop in our R & D and P & D laboratories according to international standards instead of producing the cheapest materials since the first day of our company’s establishment. We are one of the leading establishments of Turkey in terms of production capacity and investment size in HFFR (Halogen Free Fire Retardants), PE (polyethylene) and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) compound production industry. Our company is a pioneer in reflecting the developing polymer technologies to HFFR, PE and PVC compound sectors of Turkey with its strong laboratory and engineering infrastructure. We make production of compounds according to TSE, VDE, BS and ASTM standards according to product specifications.
Koç Plastik, which is one of Turkey’s leading compound producers, has been successfully meeting the demands of the valued customers thereof since 1993 by virtue of its high quality and stable products formulated for injection and extrusion applications with our slogan of “Quality Focused Solution”.
Koç Plastik, aiming to have a share in the success of Turkey which is the shining star in the plastic industry in Europe, closely follows the rapidly growing polymer technologies in the world since the inception thereof and with its R & D laboratory which continuously improves its innovative ideas with its production process always renewed in parallel with these developments and its superior testing devices, and increases the effectiveness thereof each and every passing day by becoming a partner in this success of our country. Koç Plastik, aims to produce NABAFLAM products production of which has started in line with demand from customers and meet the need of HFFR (Halogen Free Fire Retardants) use of which is rapidly increasing in our country and a large part of which is imported from abroad by utilizing its experience gained in production of plastic raw materials since its establishment in 1993.
R & D activities which are essential for the quality and standard products are conducted in our new laboratory established especially for HFFR where we have testing devices determining the properties of flame and toxicity in addition to extruders by making trials of different combinations with extruders and equipments with capacity to make pilot production and with laboratory scale of available machinery and equipment in the production process and same process logic to meet different demands in a much shorter time in order to determine flame- toxicity which is one of the most important characters of the HFFR (Halogen Free Fire Retardants) materials and meet the customers’ demand of compound with different features by making pilot production
Halogen-free fire retardant ( HFFR ) cables are used in places where people come together such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas, subway, such as power plants and skyscrapers. They have been developed for the protection of human life, valuable materials and important documents during fires .Fire alarm systems, ventilation systems, elevators, warning and guidance lights, doors and other electrical working systems in these buildings are required to work for a while during the fire. Therefore, supply and control cables of these systems must be non-halogen (HFFR), safety cables.
The main features of Halogen Free (HFFR) safety cables are;
1- They do not contain halogen elements such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine.
2 – When HFFR materials are burned, no toxic gas is generated and only water and carbon dioxide are created.
3- They retard flames.
4-They can be extinguished on their own.
5- Their smoke density during the fire is very low. For this reason they are used especially in places where human life may be in risk.
6-They can maintain electrical transmission for a significant period of time.
PVC is more economical and durable compared to industrial products manufactured from different materials as well as other thermoplastics. Our company offers effective solutions in industrial PVC applications by its special formulated designs.
Hard PVC Granule KOÇ Plastik is one of the most recognized companies in Turkish and regional markets in hard PVC granule applications. Our company offers the highest level of quality and economical solutions for customer demands in the form of rigid PVC granules and dry-blend. The most effective formulas in window profiles, pipes and fittings, fences and curtain rails, doors, gutters, moldings and PVC construction elements which is needed in all modern constructions are prepared meticulously by our company.
Soft PVC Granule
All of our soft PVC products are produced in accordance with ROHS standard and do not contain heavy metals. The quality of our company’s soft PVC granule range can be observed in hose, shoe, gasket, floor covering and cable productions of our customers.
The sectors we serve
•Cable Cable jackets and semi-hard and soft granules for insulation and filling produced by KOÇ Plastik have been developed to withstand 70-125 oC heat.
•They are UV-resistant and do not contain heavy metals.
•They have superior quality in aging tests.
•They have high resistance to temperature, atmosphere, fire and wear and tear.
•They have full compliance with the standards of the automotive industry.
•Granule specific solutions for specific cable applications.
•Structural elements PVC is a kind of long-lasting plastic which is resistant to fire, adverse atmospheric conditions and impacts. These properties have made PVC to become an indispensable material for interior and exterior building elements in the construction industry.
•Internal Building Elements Decoration. Electrical equipments, cable channels, switches and panels.
•External Structure Elements Window profiles and accessories, siding, fences, garage doors, cable channels, winged building elements, walkway ground materials, direction signs.
• Shoes
KOÇ Plastik has introduced numerous new products to the sector in PVC shoe applications.
• Various Industrial Sectors
•Soft hoses used in vacuum cleaners, liquids and food production.
•Gaskets for automotive and white goods sectors.
•Cable channels.
Formulas in the desired softness and color are offered in a big range by our company.
R&D and P&D
All supply and production process from HFFR – PE and PVC granule compounds to the final product are controlled meticulously in R & D and P & D departments of Koç Plastik. These departments of our company, at the same time, closely follows up the developing technologies as to polymeric materials and additives with its strong engineering and reflects special applications to the sector.
KOÇ Plastik, applies total quality management philosophy to all units thereof. Our company continuing to work with environmentally conscious production, management continues to apply its quality management by including the supply chain and production stages of PVC granule components .


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