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Ali Can Gültepe / Oğuzhan Plastik General Manager: We currently conduct our activities to maximize customer satisfaction.

Ali Can Gültepe / Oğuzhan Plastik General Manager: We currently conduct our activities to maximize customer satisfaction.

Could you please introduce your company?

Our company was involved in this industry by manufacturing under the title of “Oğuzhan Kablo” between 1973 and 1998. The company has focused on the manufacturing of PVC granule following 1998 and started to serve numerous industries under the title of “Oğuzhan Plastik”. Our company operates in a closed area of 4.000 square meters.

Could you please describe the product range together with relevant features and the industries that you currently serve?

• For cable manufacturing:
• Non-cohesive (PE) filler
• PVC granules for cable splices
• Colored granules for cable cores
• PVC filler
• Transparent and crystal string granules (at any intended stiffness and plasticity level)
• Colored PVC granules for fence wire coating
• PVC granules for doors and shower screens
• Sole granules
• Hard and soft type specific granules
• Bag handles
• Clips granules
• Hard or soft granules for hardware
• Sucker granules
• Laundry line granules
• PVC granules for wheels
• PVC granules for hammers
• Flame-retardant PVC granules


• Cable
• Fence wire
• Automotive
• Shower screens, doors and windows
• Special hard and soft granules

How do you evaluate your current position in the market? Could you please detail your market development activities?

Our product range satisfies the external demands abundantly. We are able to give quick response to our customers and provide solutions by means of our R&D activities. Our company has a considerable history whereas our customers give full credit due to our honest and respectful approach. We conduct our activities to maximize the customer satisfaction level.

As a long-serving enterprise in this industry, could you please comment on your company’s performance during 2018?

Just like every year, our company took considerable actions towards growth during 2018. Regardless of certain obstacles during climbing a mountain, you will reach the best view after the final step. By 2018, we showed the utmost effort in manufacturing quality products. We are confident for the year of 2019.

Could you please underline your company’s targets for 2019 for the readers?

By competing with ourselves, we intend to grow further without any interruption to sustainability in a respectful and reputable manner.


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