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Adem Kaymaz, owner of the company KYM Kablo Sanayi ve Tic.A.S.: Our company, KYM Kablo, targets to produce aluminum cable in 2018

Adem Kaymaz, owner of the company KYM Kablo Sanayi ve Tic.A.S.: Our company, KYM Kablo, targets to produce aluminum cable in 2018

Mr. Kaymaz who said “We expand our production of halogenfree, fire-resistant cables. Hopefully we will have expanded our product range with the production of aluminium cable and halogen-free fire-resistant cables in the year 2018” gave information about the their company and future oriented projects.
Could you give us information about KYM Kablo?
KYM Kablo has been founded by Yılmaz KAYMAZ in the year 1009 and went into production on an area of approximately 5,600 m2. The company Kaymazlar Yapi which is a subsidiary of our group operates in the construction sector.
Under which headings can you gather your product portfolio?
Our product product consists of low voltage cables with copper conductor including PVC insulated installation cables, PVC and XLPE insulated low voltage cables, halogen-free fire-retardant and fire-resistant cables.
What can you say about the standarts that you use for production?
Our production complies with TSE norms and we closely follow the developments in the technological machinery and equipment.
What is your view on the competition in the sector?
I know that TSE and Ministry of Industry is closely interested in this issue but the understanding of poor quality production, which we could not overcome for whatever reason, still continues. This causes the emergence of unfair competition. We evade engaging in commerce under these conditions.
Furthermore we proceed towards being a leading and preferred company in the sector by exhibiting a proactive approach in our competition with the companies engaged in standart quality production.
What is the strategy of your strategy about the production of fire-retardant cables?
We closely follow the developments in this area in the world and Turkey. We know that not only the flame-retardant cables but also mica banded fire-resistant cables have a significant market abroad. We increase our investments in this direction as we predict that these products will also gain importance in the Turkish market in the upcoming period.
What are the difficulties experienced in the sector?
We expect from the state to increase its support for the industry by developing more effective facilities and programs encouraging production. Especially if the state provides additional facilities for the companies that add value to production in terms of investment incentives, this will be very beneficial for the country. I am an industrialist who thinks that Turkey must be not a country of import but production.
If these problems reach a solution i believe that the companies that serve the sector will be more lasting and add value to our national economy.
From an economic point of view, we see that the banks have seriously narrowed the sector and the interest lobis really harm the sector. Our sales are seriously affected by the unstable currency rates, and the fact that we withdraw from many business opportunities due to our failure to overcome our commercial fears as a result of not being determined to enter into risks is one of the main reasons of the decrease of turnover. Because while you are attracted to the trade you have made thanks to the exchange rate, it is possible to end up with loss in the final analysis.
We therefore expect our government to find a solution to floating exchange rate risks. Moreover, in our advance or futures trades, bad checks are not sufficiently deterred by criminal sanctions. These situations result in failure in our commercial activities. Many of our colleagues had to end their business activities due to this situation. I think that if this commercial problem is not resolved by the competent authorities immediately, this will provide gain for Turkey.
If we ask you to evaluate your company in 2017?
We closed the year 2017 with a turnover above our target. 2016 was very frightening for 2017 but what we expected did not happen and we had a year contrary to expectations thanks to the correct economic programs carried out by our state. This year we once more saw that Republic of Turkey is a large economy even when external forces put their repressive plans, which may cause economic harm on the country, into practice. We had a much better than year in 2017 thanks to this attitude of our state.
What kind of new initiatives and breakthroughs are you planning to make in the coming period in line with the goals of your company in 2018?
At present we have new investments related to the year 2018. We plan to enter the Aluminum Cable sector in the near future with our new copper and aluminum wire drawing machine in line with the demands of our customers.
We are also expanding our Halogen-free fire resistant cable production.
Hopefully in 2018 we will have developed our product range with the production of aluminum cable and halogen-free fire resistant cables.
Finally, what do you want to add?
It is important for the sector that our consumers follow the product prices very well. If a product is sold at a price that is much lower than the price it should be in real terms, the consumer must calculate that it can not meet the quality required for that product.
A conscious consumer needs to investigate whether there is a market awareness about the brands they have bought and whether they hold the certificates such as TSE by looking at TSE web site.
In addition, they may use different methods like visual inspection and trying the product in order to understand whether the products are of standard quality or not.


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